Rent A Crane: Types Of Mobile Cranes Used In The Construction Industry

Rent A Crane: Types Of Mobile Cranes Used In The Construction Industry

Everyone knows that construction companies rely heavily on the use of cranes. These are an important part in constructing buildings, houses, and entire cities. What would take hundreds of workers and hours to accomplish, crane hire companies in Perth can do in just minutes.


There are different types of mobile cranes used in the construction industry today. It is important that you know the different machines, especially if you’re new to the industry.

Here are some of them:

All terrain cranes

Cranes are valuable assets as they can make working with heavy machinery easy. All terrain cranes are multi-functional cranes designed for use on both smooth paved highways and off-road locations.

Crawler cranes

Crawler cranes are a type of mobile crane available with telescopic booms. A crawler features a crane mounted on an undercarriage with a set of tracks that provide mobility and stability.

Carry deck cranes

This is a small 4-wheel crane with a 360-degree rotating boom placed in the centre. An American invention, carry deck cranes are ideal for use in confined areas and for transporting the loads they pick up on the small built-in deck around the cab.

Crane selection is important in choosing a safe and efficient crane hire in Perth. This is why construction site owners should have knowledge on the field.