Engineering Industry Innovations for Load Handling Solutions

Engineering Industry Innovations for Load Handling Solutions

Engineering Innovation in SingaporeNo one understands the significance of systems more than engineers. With the society being the fundamental system, there are subsystems in it — schools, industry, and the government — that work in collaboration. Schools provide the platform for training and research, the government sets the rules and standards, while industries serve the nation by generating wealth and resources.

Innovation in the industry sector has made business expansion easier and possible. A major area in this sector is the load handling industry. Unless handled properly and professionally, load handling can cause more harm than good. Nevertheless, load handling solutions are appropriate for high-performance load handling systems.

According to Wong Fong Engineering, some load handling equipment in use includes:

Tailgates: A tailgate uses an aluminium platform and an electro-hydraulic driven system to load or unload goods from vehicle decks.

Cargo Lifters: Just as their name suggests, cargo lifters make the process of loading and unloading stress-free.

Self-Loaders : Self-loaders are basically cargo bed trucks that have rear ramps and hydraulic systems. Self-loaders make it possible to lift and tilt the cargo to transport off-road vehicles. To make operations easier, there are customization options that include the installation of a remote or electronic control system.

Truck-Mounted Boom Cranes: There is a wide range of cranes depending on the length of outreach and lifting capacities to perform any loading job easily. Cranes, however, especially truck-mounted boom cranes, must adhere to industry standards.

Tippers: Tippers are the perfect fit for transportation and handling of construction materials. Tippers are fitted with a hydraulic hoist and in case of heavy-duty applications, premium steel plates are fitted for extra strength.

For your entire load handling and leasing of equipment, consult with a leading engineering company to have the right tools for the job.