A secure solution to tooth loss

Man having a dental implantWhen people need replacement teeth in London, dental implants are often chosen as a long-term solution that provides natural-looking and natural-feeling teeth while restoring dental confidence.

Experienced London dentists, such as Moor Park Dental, have been replacing patients’ teeth by this method for many years, and the improved dental function and aesthetic enhancements can last for decades. Whether a person needs one tooth replacing after an injury, or a whole set replacing for multiple reasons, dental implants in London are a solution that remains effective.

A routine procedure

The patient receives the implants in a minor surgical procedure. Before this can happen, the dentist will establish that the patient has good enough oral health to receive implants. As well as needing teeth and gums in a healthy condition, the patient must also have a sufficient amount of healthy bone in their jaw. Once everything’s ready, the patient will have some small titanium posts placed into their jawbone by the dentist. After a healing period, the patient will then return to the dentist to have the replacement teeth attached to the posts.

Benefits and features

There is a range of advantages to having dental implants in London. A major one is that, because the jawbone meshes with the metal posts, the replacement teeth have a secure foundation, and the patient can bite and chew their food with the confidence they had before they lost their natural teeth. This integrated arrangement also helps to maintain the face’s underlying firmness, avoiding the sunken look that can come to people who’ve worn removable dentures for a long time. And there’s no risk that the replacement teeth will slide out of the mouth during dinner.

The implants are easy to clean, just like the remaining teeth. And because they can’t be removed except by the dentist, the patient won’t have any gaps in which food debris and bacteria can build up. So, the chances of tooth decay and gum disease are reduced.
If they’re properly cared for in London, dental implants can keep giving these health benefits and oral enhancements to the patient for the rest of their life.