SEO Predictions: Upcoming Web Trends for 2016

SEO Agency in PerthIn this globally digital world, running a business means having a good online presence. It also entails utilising the Internet to your best advantage – no matter what you field is.

In Perth, for example, a reputable SEO agency will need to keep abreast of the ever-changing requirements of digital marketing. Here are some of the interesting predictions for this year.

The fastest growing search engine in 2016 will be DuckDuckGo. Well, look at it this way; DuckDuckGo had a great 2015 with almost 1 million queries every day and the numbers are promising to go way higher in the coming year. Google and Bing will give it chase, too.

Non-enterprise will finally get content marketing software. The software will help to track performance, suggest improvements, publish and help with outreach. Among the names that will emerge are Buzzmo, Kapost, Priceonomics, Quicksprout, and Moz Content.

Web marketing will not be affected by wearables, VR, smart homes, and Internet of things. While they will witness growth, none of them will be the big thing in 2016.

This is the year that social content engines will become a force to reckon with. Names that will make the news will include Snapzu, ProductHunt, Nuzzel, and Pocket. One or possibly more will witness huge growth and rise to the number 2 position.

Twitter will witness growth again in 2016 and that will affect both their market position and stock price positively. For those of you who want to invest in Twitter, this will mean long-term growth. The fact that Twitter is more flexible also makes it more creative and shows more potential than Facebook or Instagram.

Desktop usage will not be affected by the growth of mobile use, at least in the developed countries. This is not to say that mobile use will decline; it will continue to grow but it has already reached its peak.  Desktop and laptop usage will not decline in 2016.

There you have it: six predictions about SEO and web marketing in 2016. Whatever business you’re in, it helps to pay attention – and adapt to the changes.