Simple or Grand? What to Plan for Any Event

Simple or Grand? What to Plan for Any Event

Celebrations are parts of life that we would forever remembere, treasure, and perhaps hold on to whenever we feel down. A lot of people mark special days for these very reasons. Whether it is a national holiday or a personal milestone, people want to mark it on the calendar with an event. It could be a big celebration or a simple one, but people would want to make the day special.

Some people believe in simple celebrations, and as long as they can gather their family and friends, food and venue would not matter much anymore.  Others believe that special events are once in a lifetime, and spend much to celebrate it.  They are the ones who hire event venue contractors and event coordinators to arrange the venue and facilitate a successful program.  Either way, certain aspects such as the budget, theme, venue and program must be carefully and creatively planned to make it successful.

Plan Your Budget and Your Guest List

List down each part of the event and have an estimated amount for the expenses you foresee. You can then plan for the total number of guests you plan to invite. You should include food, beverages, videography, photography, party favors and souvenirs as part of your expenses. You could choose from a list of possible service providers who could give you discounts or cuts, especially if you plan to buy in bulk. Whatever your total budget, you should consider cutting your expenses whenever you can.

Choose a Theme

A theme will put your guests in the mood and atmosphere you aim to have for your event.  If your event is for your children, you could make the atmosphere lighter and more casual with games, activities and prizes. You could also hire a costume provider so your guests could just choose from their costume supply on what they want to wear or be for your event. Additionally, your guests won’t have to worry about looking for an appropriate costume. Asking them to come in costume can make everyone feel carefree and light-hearted, and gives your guests the freedom to play “pretend”.

Choose an Appropriate Venue

The right venue is crucial.  If you’re renting a function hall, you have to make sure that the facilities and the audio-visual equipment are working well. The size and capacity matters, along with the total number of bathrooms, dressing rooms and green rooms for the comfort of your guests.

Plan a Program

Socialization part of the eventA  program is central to any event. You can plan for how long each part of the program will last, the number of special acts and performers  you need.  The program should give your event a timeline that will all lead to the climax of your event.

Whether it be a simple or extravagant celebration, make it count! Each event is special, and even if there are mistakes, only you and your event planner will know. It’s not about how perfect the execution will be, but how memorable and enjoyable it will be for your guests.