So You Want to Be a Firefighter: Seven Mistakes to Avoid

So You Want to Be a Firefighter: Seven Mistakes to Avoid

Firefighting is no easy job. Unlike other professions, one simple mistake, and it can lead to a disastrous ending. This is the very reason firefighters need to be careful and precise in everything they do. You need to be a dedicated and brave individual who is also quick-thinker and a quick learner if you want to be a firefighter.

Do you want to be a firefighter? Then it pays that as early as now, you get to learn from the mistakes that rookie firefighters often make. Here are some of them:

Showing up late for work

It is crucial that you arrive early before your shift. Not only does this show that you’re a responsible professional, but this also gives you enough time to prepare for the day. Being punctual for work allows you to check reports made by those who have come before your shift. You get to check if all needed tools and equipment are complete and ready for use. Lastly, arriving early shows your respect for your team and your job.

Assuming all equipment are in tip-top condition

The last one on duty may have reported that all tools and equipment are working perfectly and all accounted for. But blindly following their lead comes with consequences. Sometimes, things can go horribly wrong at the most critical time. Make sure to check your equipment always even if the last shift has told you that it is working and is in tip-top shape.

Not reading the equipment manual

Firefighters make use of different tools and equipment to accomplish tasks. Make sure to listen carefully during training and study each manual by heart. This will give you the advantage of how to use the equipment properly and avoid untoward incidents. For example, new firefighting trailers from Australia have arrived. Make sure to follow everything in the manual, including how to use and how to maintain the equipment.

Failure to admit your mistakes

It is very much possible to still make mistakes even if you have trained hard for your job. If you make a mistake, no matter how small or grave it can be, be ready to admit it. Being in denial and saying that an error has taken place but not in your watch is not the best way to go. Make sure not to make the same mistakes again.

Not listening to your commander

Your superior knows best, especially when you’re on an actual fireground. Once they assess the situation, make sure to listen to their instructions carefully. They are the ones in charge, and for a reason.

Skipping the full training

When you’re still learning the ropes on how to be a firefighter, there may come a time when you will be taught the shortcuts of training. But what you fail to learn during the training can lead to fatal firefighter injuries and even deaths. If you don’t understand a point or have some questions, never be afraid to ask.

Failure to care for your mental health

You may exercise daily to keep yourself fit and healthy enough to fulfil your firefighting duties. But remember that your mental health also matters. Learn how to care for your mental health, and you’ll find it easier to wake up each day and perform your duties.

Being a firefighter is unlike any job on the planet. You’re always at risk of getting hurt, and you’re putting yourself on the line every single time you do your job. Learning from the mistakes of other firefighters can help you be the best version of yourself. Avoid these seven mistakes and always wear your uniform with pride.