Strategies to Maintain a Good Quality of Indoor Air

Strategies to Maintain a Good Quality of Indoor Air

Air pollution is often associated with dirty air outdoors. Car fumes and garbage are often blamed for making the air impure. What people do not realize is that indoor air is also polluted. This can cause respiratory illnesses. What are the steps you can do towards cleaner indoor air?

Keep Dust at a Minimal Level

Dust is on the floor, walls, and appliances, from which it circulates around the home. Clean appliances that circulate air, such as air-conditioning units and fans, regularly. Avail of a professional air duct cleaning for your Reno residence. It is not enough to eliminate dust on the surface level. Dust, dirt, and debris could be hiding in your air ducts. They are responsible for some of the allergens and pollutants in your indoor air.

Floors must be maintained and vacuumed to ensure that dirt is eliminated. If it is possible, do away with carpets, as they tend to harbor deep-seated dirt and germs.  Walls must also be scrubbed periodically. Though it may not be obvious, they can also be a place where air pollutants can attach themselves.

Smoking is a Definite No

Cigarette smoke is a primary factor in acquiring respiratory diseases. Secondhand smoke it is even worse. Even after a smoker kills their cigarette, fine particulates linger in the air, attaching to clothes and furniture. Have a discussion with smokers in your household about the repercussions of cigarette smoking and set some ground rules. You must be doubly mindful if there are children in your household. Be clear about the rules even with houseguests.

Choose Household Products Wisely

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One wrong notion is that good-smelling air is clean air. People use various products to produce a good smell. These include air fresheners, cleaning products, and personal care products. But, these items contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health. They can also cause allergic reactions. A better option is to choose natural products. Here is a list of some effective alternatives:

  • Lemon mixtures help in disinfecting surfaces and reducing odor, while releasing a refreshing citrus scent.
  • Potted herbs are sweet-smelling. There is a wide variety of choices such as rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, thyme. They smell good, are nice to look at, and have many health benefits, too.
  • Baking soda is a good product for cleaning the toughest dirt and stains. White vinegar mixed with water is another good option.
  • Coffee grounds or charcoal can help to absorb foul odors.

Maintain a Well-Ventilated Space

Having a closed-off or sealed home with no air circulation is not ideal. Fresh air needs to circulate into your home to carry out indoor air pollution.  . Even with the best air-conditioning units and air purifiers, the contaminants will only swirl around your home. The easiest way to address this is to open windows and let fresh air come in. This way, your home can “breathe” and will not feel stuffy. Exhaust fans in the kitchen and the bathroom are also good measures to absorb strong odors and moisture.

Having an excellent quality of indoor air improves health and comfort. It is a great feeling to come home to a clean home. A family can enjoy their time together without worries.