The ABCs of Solving Sprinkler System Concerns

The ABCs of Solving Sprinkler System Concerns

Sprinkler SystemPurchasing a sprinkler is very helpful as it lessens the needed time and expenses associated with manual irrigation. Of course, even if you have the most reliable and most expensive irrigation system, it can’t be helped that there are certain problems sprinklers encounter.

Irregular amount of water being sprinkled

This can be because of three things:

  • The water pressure may be low. This is a problem that doesn’t involve the sprinkler itself; rather, it’s a problem with the water source. Check the main water valve to see if it’s open and hinged correctly. If this is the case, the problem would be on the water supplier. Make sure you call plumbing services to check on the matter.
  • Your pipes may be leaking. One effective way to check is to use your sprinklers per zone. Do this by turning on only a few sprinkler heads by square foot or meter. If only some isolated squares are acting abnormally, check these pipes for any leakage.
  • There may be unseen blockage in the sprinklers or the pipes. You can check by opening different sprinkler zones.

In all three cases, it will be best to hire an expert in irrigation to efficiently and swiftly handle the problem. Hastings irrigation installation company Skip’s Sprinklers also suggests designing the sprinkler depending on your landscape to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

The sprinkler heads are not moving

Three things may cause this problem:

  1. There may be rust issues. Solve this by either rubbing the area with oil, or replacing the sprinkler head.
  2. There may be a problem with the gears or hinges—they may need replacement or cleaning.
  3. The third problem may be attributable to a blockage or a small pebble or dirt that formed on the side of the gears.

These are just some of the common problems you’ll encounter with your sprinklers. Keep the irrigation system in good condition by always checking for problems and solving them without delay.


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