The Best Towns in Bali for Expat Families

The Best Towns in Bali for Expat Families

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Many come to Bali for the year-round sunny climes, surf, sunsets, and nightlife. But some come to find their slice of paradise with their family in tow. If you’re one of them, you surely have a longer list of considerations and months to years of preparations to make.

To help you narrow down your search, here are some of the most family-friendly towns in Bali to put down roots:

1. North Kuta

Kuta is one of the busiest towns in Bali and is known for being the clubbing destination for foreigners. But if you look beyond the center, you’ll find a few good reasons to live there. It’s where all the action takes place. North Kuta, in particular, has some quiet villages with modern conveniences within reach. It’s also home to one of the best international schools in Bali. So you get to live in an ideal location and still give your kids high-quality education.

2. Denpasar

As the main hub and capital city of Bali, Denpasar is easily an expat’s retirement destination. But its breathtaking sunrise views, laid-back beaches, bustling center, and cultural melting pot make it attractive for families, as well. It’s also the main gateway to the island and where the old meets new, where modern buildings and shopping malls are juxtaposed with shrines, temples, and Dutch colonial buildings. You’ll not only get a taste of Balinese culture and heritage, but you’ll also get the best of city living.

3. Ubud

If your family desires a more peaceful, away-from-the-bustle kind of lifestyle, then Ubud is the perfect destination. This idyllic town is in the uplands of Bali where terraced rice paddies stretch as far as the eye can see. It also hosts some of Bali’s most significant temples and shrines. Expect to find big but affordable homes and a charming town lined with shops and cafes. More importantly, you get to live among the locals.

4. Sanur


If you’re moving to Bali for the beaches, then it’s only logical to live in Sanur – Bali’s top destination for diving and quiet coves. It’s on the east coast of the island, which means the ocean is mostly calm year-round, making it ideal for safe swimming with the kids. Not only that, house prices and rentals are much lower in this area, and it’s also near the Warmadewa University and a few world-class restaurants.

5. Seminyak

If you’re looking for a fancier place to live where you can mingle with foreigners and locals, alike, you may find Seminyak an ideal choice. The district is clean, dotted with high-end shops, museums, restaurants, and some of the best beachfront villas in Bali. Not surprisingly, many expats put up roots here or even set up shop.

Whether you’re drawn to the craziness of Kuta or the tranquil landscapes of Ubud, Bali is an island that has it all. Whichever district you and your family decide to live in, all these towns will just be a few minutes to hours away. Just make sure you choose the town that best fits your needs and desires to make your transition smooth and your move less stressful.