The Importance of Gate Placement

The Importance of Gate Placement

Gate PlacementThe placement of a gate is one of the most basic decisions homeowners make when designing their future home. It’s so basic in fact, that most of them don’t even give it a second thought; just put it somewhere on the fence nearest the door. There are actually multiple considerations that homeowners need to take into account before deciding where the gate goes – such as the exterior environment.

Homeowners can do whatever they want to their homes without thinking much outside of aesthetics and efficiency. But, once the discussion turns to the exteriors, especially the gates, fencing experts from recommend they think about how their decisions influences the people around their home.

The first and most important point of concern is traffic; the gate placement decides how a vehicle enters and exits the property, affecting the behaviour of fellow drivers. Safety is a very real concern in these scenarios, as even the slightest miscalculation can result in an unfortunate accident.

Placing the gate near a street corner for example, is a very bad idea as its right in the middle of a blind spot that most drivers won’t be able to react to. Imagine backing out of a gate and getting rear-ended by another car making routing corner turn that didn’t see you coming out. It’s difficult to pin the blame on the driver, as it’s (almost) impossible to see around a corner.

Another reason why corner gating is a bad idea is that motorists will need to stop whenever you need to enter or exit the driveway. It’s a small matter, but don’t count on being very popular in the neighbourhood.

Becoming a member of a neighbourhood is about getting along with everyone in every aspect of your life. This includes the mundane everyday interactions that nobody thinks twice about when they do them, but create impressions on other people.