Goodbye Bad Breath, Hello Confidence

Goodbye Bad Breath, Hello Confidence

manBad breath is one of those things that can turn off people and make them not want to talk to you anymore. It may be harsh, but the consequences of bad breath are true. The last thing you want to experience is people avoiding you and covering their noses whenever you talk to them.

Do not let that stinky breath get in the way of your social life and confidence. There is still a chance to remedy this oral problem.

Here are some suggestions on preventing bad breath:

Observe Proper Oral Care

One of the best ways to prevent bad breath is to observe proper oral care. A dentist in Tauranga says that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day or after every meal. Regular brushing removes food debris or plaque that causes bacterial growth and bad breath. Do not forget to floss the gaps between your teeth and clean the tongue.

Avoid Food that Causes Bad Breath

Avoiding foods that can cause bad breath is one way of making sure you do not get into those embarrassing moments. Onion and garlic will always have that smell that no amount of mouthwash can freshen. The mouthwash may only cover that smell for a short period.

Stop Smoking

Smoking contributes to the development of bad breath. Chemicals found in cigarettes release an odour that stay in the mouth even after you have brushed and gargled. This habit may also contribute to dry mouth, which helps increase the production of bad breath-causing bacteria.

Drink Plenty of Water

Bacteria tend to multiply faster when your mouth is dry and lacks saliva. You saliva contains oxygen that helps in controlling the growth of germs. As such, it is important to drink plenty of water to keep your mouth salivated.

Maintaining regular dental visits plays a key role in the prevention of bad breath. Your dentist may even detect underlying oral issues causing your stinky breath. Before you lose your cool and confidence to smile, follow these tips and consult your dentist.