The Perks of Teaching in an International School

The Perks of Teaching in an International School

Teaching is one of the crucial jobs in the world. However, it is also one of the most underpaid and underappreciated jobs in many countries. If you want to be paid fair wages, treated with utmost appreciation, and travel the world, then teaching in an international school might be the right job for you.

1. You get to explore another country

There is an abundance of schools looking for high-quality teachers, such as international primary schools in Singapore, to teach foreign languages like English, among other subjects. That said, it is relatively easy nowadays for a foreign teacher to find a good teaching job in other countries. So if you’ve always been wanting to travel but find yourself stuck in the four corners of your current classroom, teaching abroad is a great way to satisfy your wanderlust while gaining teaching experience at the same time.

2. The pay is higher

Most teachers are attracted to international teaching posts because of the higher pay, especially in the top-rated international schools of non-English speaking countries. The salary that you will get from teaching abroad is probably a far cry from what you make now. Consequently, you can do more with your teacher’s salary, like save for a house, travel the world, and invest more in yourself, things that are not easy to do with a regular teaching job’s salary.

3. International schools offer many benefits

Many international schools offer excellent benefits packages to their foreign teachers, and most teachers will say that it is even better than what they are provided at home. When you scour international teaching job postings online, you can see that many international schools offer most–if not all–of the following benefits:

  • Housing. Most international schools will offer their teachers free staff housing or a housing stipend that is included in their paycheck.
  • Healthcare. Probably one of the most important benefits for many teachers, international schools will typically offer full (or a high percentage) healthcare coverage.
  • Travel. International schools also offer a free round-trip flight per year for you to visit your family and friends back home. You might also receive a transportation allowance to cover your commutes.
  • Bonuses. It is common for international schools to give out bonuses and incentives to their foreign teachers to motivate them to stay.

These are just some of the common benefits that international schools offer. Depending on the school you choose to apply to, you can receive more or less.

4. Teaching internationally is more rewarding

Teachers in the faculty

The salary and benefits alone will make you feel more appreciated as a teacher. But aside from that, integrating into a new culture, gaining more experiences, and meeting new people make international teaching one of the best options for both young and older educators.

If these things sound good enough for you to leave your current job, it’s probably time to find an international school in a country you want to live in. You might be sacrificing a lot by leaving your home country, but as you’ve learned in this article, the sacrifice will lead to a lot of rewards.