The Psychology of Selling Homes Fast and Fair

The Psychology of Selling Homes Fast and Fair

We are often in denial that we need to sell our homes. Whether it’s the home we grew up in or raised our family, coming to grips with the fact that you have to let go of something meaningful to you is always hard. Can you imagine the emotional attachment we have to our childhood homes? Can you imagine how it will feel like to have other people run in the backyard? It’s going to be a blow to our emotions.

But here’s the thing: buyers don’t care about your emotions. They want to look at signs saying that they buy houses in Raleigh, North Carolina. When they see these signs, they don’t have any emotional attachment to the house. They see the property the way they see a new pair of shoes on display. They want to take a look at it closely. They want to have a feel of it. They want to know if it will fit them. There’s nothing sentimental about that, and you, as a seller, should understand that.

Stop Your Illusions

Home sellers are often disillusioned about the price of their homes. They think that their homes should be more expensive because the neighborhood developed or more amenities are being offered. They believe that buyers should pay more for the house because of its character.

But what it means is that you’re basing the price of the home on what it’s worth to you. You value it because you have spent time there. Buyers don’t see it the way you do. Stop fantasizing about the “worth” of your home to you. Instead, look at its real value in the market.


Meet with the Buyers

Your home is important to you. Understandably, you need to meet potential buyers. You should be a part of the whole selling process. Don’t just leave everything to your agent. You’re the best one to market your home. You can tell stories about your home that your agent will never know about. That adds character to a property. Buyers love that. At the same time, you can get a feel of who will possibly own the house next.

Fix What Needs to Be Fixed

If you want to sell your property fairly, you need to fix whatever needs repair. Buyers are going to look at an old carpet and think that they need a $3,000 discount because of it. Why should they? You can have that cleaned for a hundred bucks. If there are things around the house that you won’t be repairing, be honest about it. Disclose it the moment you meet the potential buyer. The last thing they want is to feel that they are being robbed of their money.

Look at the Market

The reality is that house prices are down from two years ago. Homeowners often put a higher price tag on their houses because of the value it represents to them. While understandable, buyers are willing to pay only for what impresses them. Look at the current listings on the market. Visit houses that are on the block, too. See what your competitors are doing and emulate those that speak to you. Put yourself in the position of a buyer: would you want a house with these amenities?

Selling a house is an emotional time for the seller. While the buyer has to think logically because this is a long-term investment, most sellers are too emotional and bungle the negotiations. Don’t be one of those. Focus on the fact that you need to sell this house to finally start over with your life.