The Secret to a Warmer, Sweeter Movie Date Night: Cool Temperatures

The Secret to a Warmer, Sweeter Movie Date Night: Cool Temperatures

Warm weather for a perfect date nightDid you know though that there’s science-backed info that can make your romantic movie night sweeter and more special? It’s simply about changing one tiny bit in your room: turn the thermostat down.

What Science Says

A 2012 study notes that cold temperatures cause people to snuggle up to romantic movies. The link? The colder the atmosphere is, the more people long for psychological warmth. And of course, there’s nothing feels warmer than love, right?

In a series of experiments, the researchers assigned undergraduate participants to warm and cold conditions. On the first one, some were given hot tea, while to some, iced. On the second, researchers controlled the room temperatures.

What they found was when participants are exposed to cold conditions, they were more inclined to watch romantic movies and even pay for an online rental. What happens is that cold temperatures activate your need for warmth. And that need is closely associated with the warm and fuzzy romantic movies.

So, if you want your significant other to crave for more warmth (aka love), turn the AC down. Even in the middle of the night, you can get experts that offer 24 hour HVAC; West Valley specialists, including Desert Star Heating and Air, will guarantee that your AC regulates just the right temp for your romantic movie night.

Warm and Fuzzy Date Night

Of course, don’t neglect the other stuff that would make your night special. Even if it’s just a night in your place, make an effort to create a romantic set-up.

Turn off the lights to turn on the romance. Light up those scented candles or those fairy lights for a magical vibe. Get the coziest blanket to make curling up and cuddling under better.

And of course, don’t ever forget the selection of romantic movies. For added fun, you may want to have a theme for that night, such as ‘90s films or chick flicks.

A romantic movie night in may be the simplest date ever, but it could be the most special. Before you snuggle to Titanic, make sure to lower down the temp.