Don’t Be Stressed: Preparing for Your First Date

Don’t Be Stressed: Preparing for Your First Date

Going on a date with someone you like for the first time can be super nerve-racking. You might feel quite anxious and stressed. As you count down the days, you are starting to play disastrous scenarios in your head and believing that there will not be a second time.

You might be pressuring yourself to do your best to make this a memorable meet-up. But you have to let things flow smoothly and organically. That does not mean, though, that you will not make any preparations. It is important to remember that successful dates are founded on preparation. You will have to assume (or believe) that the other party is doing the same.

Nevertheless, here are some things that you can do on your end:

Look your best

This is a de facto piece of advice that everyone should be following. Remember, you are creating an excellent first impression, so make sure that you look your best. But do not try too hard that you will look like you’re attending a black-tie or formal event. Pick a dress that suggests a lot about your styles and sensibilities. But if the date has been planned last-minute and you have no time to go through your wardrobe, a little black dress will always do the trick. And of course, take care of your skin: get your essentials, from moisturizers to toner for whitening.

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Suggest a good location

Sometimes, the guy might be struggling to decide where to go on a date. If you sense this, have the confidence to suggest a location. When it comes to this, pick a place that looks and feels comfortable for both parties. You have to remember that the place will set the tone for your meet-up. If your date is not expecting a candlelight dinner, you can suggest going to a cozy and quiet coffee shop. That way, both of you will not be pressured to spend a lot and even dress fancy.

Be careful with conversation topics

The meat of the date is the conversation that you will have with the person on the other side of the table. It is already a must that both of you make an effort to engage with each other. However, be careful of the topics that both of you will bring to the table, such as politics and religion. That is not to say that you cannot talk about it. You can use these topics as a barometer for your date’s values and beliefs. You need to know about his stand on relevant issues, such as democracy, gender equality, and feminism. You just want to make sure that you’re on the same page.

Check for some red flags

This date also affords you the chance to gauge his attitude and values. So look out for red flags, such as signs of narcissism, being manipulative, and abusive. You can use the topics above as a means of judging. But you can always listen to his anecdotes or ask him some questions yourself.

You got this

While the first date can be quite stressful, remember that it is an opportunity to meet new people and get to know their attitude. You got this! But remember, you can always walk away if you feel uncomfortable.