Blind Date: Meeting Someone for the First Time

Blind Date: Meeting Someone for the First Time

More people are going on blind dates now due to lack of love prospects in their social circles. In today’s digital era, blind dates may mean using a dating app and meeting someone online first before deciding to meet up. The question is, how do you impress a potential partner? Here’s how:

Be Presentable

Meeting a person for the first time is like going on the first day of school. You want to make a good impression, and you do that by grooming yourself.

If you’ve got issues with your teeth and you’re in West Jordan, wearing ceramic braces might do the trick. These are a prettier alternative to traditional, metal braces. On the other hand, you could also dress to impress. Put on your best clothes and shoes because this date will determine if you’ll both see each other again.

Don’t Expect Right Away

Your mind may be running 55 mph because of this meetup, but it’s too early to say that something will come out of it. Aside from doing the necessary actions to impress your blind date, you should get to know each other before you decide if you’re into that person. Aside from that, expecting too soon might cause unnecessary heartbreak.

Be Clear with Your Activities for the Date

It’s best if you can talk about what both of you want to do during your date. Not everyone is alike in their preferences so it’s nice if you can meet halfway with your plans for the day or night. Some people like to just go for a coffee while some want to indulge in burgers. You should come to an agreement where you’re heading on your date.

Don’t be Late and Be Respectful

Don’t make your date wait. People lead busy lives and be respectful with the time of your blind date. Besides, avoid checking on your phone while you’re on a date. Be in the moment so your date can get to know you. No one can force you if in case you don’t like your date but, don’t let it show too much and be considerate with the person’s feelings.

Be Yourself

Having a formal dinnerGoing on a blind date can be nerve-wracking. This can ruin a potentially nice date if you let it get to you. Just relax even if you feel awkward. Tell your date you’re feeling a bit shy, but stay engaged in the conversation. If you’re feeling sparks, but you’re too shy to speak, just ask a few questions so your date is the one who does the talking.

Don’t Ask Personal Questions

Personal questions should be asked when you’re already comfortable with each other. On first dates, it’s better to ask light questions like favorite movies, hobbies, or the school you went to. Find your common interest and build the conversation from there. Also, be respectful even if you have varying opinions on some topics, but best not to discuss complicated ones to avoid arguments.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is a no-no during first dates, especially if you have a low tolerance for it. It’s okay to drink a few if your body can handle it and you’re not driving. Otherwise, drink a mocktail or something that has less alcohol content.

After you’ve made a good impression and put your best foot forward, you should wait a while. Some blind dates don’t have a follow up until the next week. If sparks are flying then it’s only a matter of time before your blind date asks you out again. For now, live your life to the fullest and let destiny do its magic.