Useful Olive Oil Tips Consumers Should Keep in Mind

Useful Olive Oil Tips Consumers Should Keep in Mind

More and more people from all over the world are getting conscious about their health. Individuals are now always on the lookout for healthier options, especially when it comes to food.

One of the unhealthiest types of food is fried ones, whether it’s chicken, pork, or bacon. Frying everything in oil is just deemed unhealthy. However, one type of oil is considered healthy amongst other types — and that is olive oil. Below, we will discuss what you need to know as a consumer when buying olive oil for your dipping bread in Utah.

Go for the Extra Virgin Variety

Whether you are planning on using the oil for frying or you simply want to put it in your salad, you should always opt for the extra virgin olive oil variant. This is, by far, the healthiest type of olive oil, as it can even contribute to your heart health and such.

Before buying, make sure to give it a good whiff. It should have this fresh and fruity note — kind of like what a green banana or apple might smell like. It should also have this bitterness and spiciness to it. These things indicate the freshness and quality that you are about to buy.

Know the Harvest Date

If you truly want your extra virgin olive oil to be as fresh as possible, then consider asking the manufacturer or distributor about its harvest date. Some quality producers will indicate the olives’ harvest date on the container, but not everyone will do so.

Extra virgin olive oil will usually last for about two years prior to being bottled, so make sure to check the label on the bottle. However, if you can, you should still ask for the harvest date just to be sure about its freshness.

Get One in the Right Container

Olive oil

Some of the olive oil’s worst enemies are heat and light. Have you ever wondered why most olive oils are bottled in dark bottles? This is meant to preserve the freshness of the oil and to combat it from going stale.

When choosing an olive oil to buy, make sure that you will get one that has a dark container. These are usually made out of tin or glass and of course, wrapped up in a label to protect it further and list down its components.

Don’t Let it Sit on Your Shelf for too Long

If you want your olive oil to stay as fresh as possible, then you would want to avoid letting it sit on the shelf for too long. Avoid buying too much at once unless you need it, as the oil can go bad no matter how you try to preserve it.

Buy a bottle that you can finish in about six weeks or so. Anything longer than that wouldn’t be good, as the olive oil will lose its natural freshness and taste as time goes by.

Always check the labels and see if it has a quality seal. This will ensure the quality of the olive oil so you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Never settle for less, as this is your health and food that we are talking about!