Why Eating Out – Literally – is a Highly Beneficial Activity

Why Eating Out – Literally – is a Highly Beneficial Activity

It has been said over and over again: Spending some quality time outdoors, whether it’s for doing some simple exercises or just for some fresh air, has a number of health benefits. But, as it turns out, all these benefits are not limited to just working out and getting some peace of mind. Even dining outside offers a long list of pros as well.

This literally means staying outdoors to enjoy delicious meals. When you’re outdoors, you have increased chances of lowering your stress levels, especially if your dining experience is somewhere with a great view of the outdoors instead of a busy street. Otherwise, you’ll end up having car fumes on your freshly-cooked food, and nobody wants that. So, to truly enjoy all the benefits, look someplace that will get you a lot closer to nature. It could be a restaurant with a relaxing view where you can enjoy some Chinese cuisine in Singapore, a nice picnic table under a big tree, or even something as simple as a patch of clean grass in your neighborhood park.

Here are some of the mental and physical health benefits you can enjoy when you’re eating in nature:

Your immune system improves significantly

The effects of being outdoors in reducing stress levels have long been established. With lowered stress levels comes a boost in your immunity system. In fact, several studies have shown that proximity to nature does wonderful things to the immune system. One of them is a study by the Japanese which measured the cell activities in the immune system that are responsible for responding to various types of viruses and tumor formation. The study revealed that the participants who spent time outdoors experienced a spike in the activity of those cells, and this lasted beyond a week.

You get to enjoy some fresh air

This needs no explanation. The more you expose yourself to healthy fresh air, the healthier you’ll be. Also, it’s not just the fresh air that can be beneficial to your health when you’re outside. You also expose yourself to sunlight, which, done correctly and in moderation, contributes to the production of vitamin D in the body. Eating outdoors does not have to be done in the morning only. Even the fresh air at night can be quite helpful to the body. If you stay indoors all day, you only expose yourself to stale air, which can be bad not just to your physical health, but even your mental health as well.

You’ll experience improved sleep quality

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When you spend time outdoors enjoying a scrumptious meal, you’ll notice an improvement in the quality of sleep you get afterward. Because you got exposed to some fresh air and enjoyed a relaxed dining approach, whether you ate alone or with your friends and family, you’ll be less stressed out and more likely to feel rejuvenated when you wake up the next morning. Of course, more sleep means better skin, and more fresh air means better lungs. So, whenever possible, try to take your meals outside.