Maintaining Your Commercial Building: What You Should Do

Maintaining Your Commercial Building: What You Should Do

It takes a lot of work to own a commercial building. If you want to preserve the value of your building, then you need to make maintenance a priority. Wear and tear are bound to happen, so what matters is what you do about it.

Here are some tips that you should follow to maintain your commercial building.

Fix the Fixtures

You need to make sure you follow the upkeep of simple things like fixtures. If you leave damaged fixtures unattended and ignored, they will create bigger damages and accidents to your building. Even small damaged fixtures can make a significant impact. For instance, broken windows, door handles, and lights can make your building look old and shabby. By keeping on top of this, you will keep your tenants happy.

Perform Energy Consumption Audits

If you want to lower the overall costs of your building, you should perform an energy consumption audit regularly since it is a considerable overhead. When you do an energy audit, you will see what made your energy bills so high. You can ask an energy professional to perform an audit to tell you how to lower the costs. Some things they might suggest you do are replacing roof insulation, replacing window glass, and using LED light bulbs, among others.

Check Your HVAC Systems

HVAC System

If you want to keep your tenants happy, then you need to make sure that the heating and air conditions systems work. As the building gets older, so does the HVAC system, and the HVAC system will be used practically 24/7, which can make it less efficient or even burn out. Therefore, you need to check it every month to make sure that it is working well. You should also find a company that offers building commissioning services to help you tune up your HVAC system.

Perform Safety Audits

An energy consumption audit is not the only audit you should do. You should also perform a safety audit every month. You should maintain your safety fixtures and mechanisms to make sure everything works. That way, you will avoid any potential lawsuits and accidents.

Some safety fixtures you should check on are the fire detector systems, emergency doors, emergency exit signs, and emergency lighting systems. You should also remove any fire hazards, like faulty wiring, and add fire extinguishers as needed to your building.

Pest Control

It would be best if you kept an eye out for any pesky crawlies that could be roaming around your building. If there is one way to say goodbye to your tenants quickly, it is a pest problem, like a termite or roach infestation. Plus, these nasty critters could wreak havoc on your building, which could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Even if your tenants do not mention anything, you should perform a pest audit once a year with a professional to stop a problem before it spreads.

You must keep your building in good shape if you want to maintain or raise its value. Make sure you follow the tips above to take care of your commercial building.