What Is the Impact of Traffic Pollution to Property Attraction?

What Is the Impact of Traffic Pollution to Property Attraction?

It is common knowledge for every avid realtor that location of a property is the most powerful selling point or a deal-breaker. Whether a property is in the heart of New Jersey or in the less popular outskirts, the kind of surroundings can affect value negatively or positively. This is interesting, considering that as you might ask yourself, “Who would buy my house in New Jersey?” Maybe the focus is on the size of the rooms, technological input, and curb appeal. While these factors are essential, the surrounding traffic can have a massive impact on the attractiveness of a property to prospective buyers.


Living near a high traffic highway that is ever buzzing with horns and screeching can be an irritant. Some buyers will not even consider such a property. Selling such property may take time, or the seller may be forced to settle for fewer prices.

Traffic Lights

An area may have minimal traffic most of the hours, but the presence of a traffic light introduces new dynamics. Most people find the idling traffic in such areas disturbing. Sometimes, it can get extreme with things like loud music.

Double Yellow Line on Road

One weekend you are house-hunting in a New Jersey neighborhood, and it’s all serene. However, there is a double line close to an interesting house. Take this as a warning that it may not be cozy during the weekdays. Such a mark suggests that much traffic uses that section of the road- more than a normal neighborhood would accommodate.

Railway Line

It is even worse if you spot a railroad near the property, as the train is another kind of vehicle altogether. Trains make so much noise that unless your home is super noise-proof, distraction is a guarantee. Definitely, a good number of buyers will turn down the offer for that reason alone. The chances of the sale going through can increase if there is proof that usage is either infrequent or during the day.

Cannot Avoid Such Areas

driving a car

So, what happens if you must live near the traffic lights or any other high traffic area? Then you need to look at how to counter the various forms of pollution. For the noise, areas to look at are doors, walls, floors, windows, and ceilings. Laminated glass and soundproof curtains for windows can help. Walls also do transmit a lot of sounds, so you need to check them too. Some ways to achieve that are the installation of acoustic panels and the use of drywall. If these are expensive, you may use what you have. For instance, a canvas painting or wardrobe against the wall works fine. Other methods to control noise are carpeting, drop ceiling, window sealants, and door sealants.

Home dealers — buyers or sellers — who do not consider amenities will probably not give this factor much consideration when buying or selling. However, a smart way to buy my house new jersey is to identify all the factors that influence property value, proximity to traffic being one of them. For some homebuyers, this decision is straightforward, but others get into a dilemma, so you cannot afford to ignore this factor.