What Needs To Be in Your Checklist Before Moving Abroad

What Needs To Be in Your Checklist Before Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is undeniably one of the most daring decisions you’d ever make in your life. Leaving your comfort zone will take a lot of getting used to, not to mention missing your friends and family that have always been nearby.

But starting a new life in another country bears a lot of new adventures, challenges, and amazing experiences. Whether it’s for work or leisure, it’s surely an opportunity to learn new things, and of course, see new scenery. If it’s in a place as breath-taking as Monaco, for example, there’ll be plenty of things to enjoy for both the homebody and the outgoing. Beautiful apartments for sale in this country offer cozy living with lots of access to the best hangout places, while you can still enjoy a serene setting.

That said, here’s everything you need to tick off your checklist before moving abroad.

Visa Requirements

If you’re not a stranger to traveling, you know how important securing a visa is. Repeatedly check if you have the complete requirements, making sure you have the correct documents. If you’re applying for a student visa, you’ll have to present a copy of your offer letter from the university. For a working visa, on the other hand, your employer will likely make the arrangements for your living quarters. Nevertheless, check all regulations of the exact location where you’d be moving.

Notify Your Bank and Phone Service Providers

Make sure you don’t forget to let your bank know that you’re moving because some credit cards and accounts aren’t designed for international transactions. In that case, obtaining an international credit card will be handy. Keeping your bank account will also be essential especially if you’ll leave any outstanding bills or loans. And before you leave, it would help to research for new banks in your new city, so you could already start gathering all the requirements for opening an account.

International phone calls and texts are also costly, so have your provider unlock your phone so you can install a new SIM card once you move.

Stash Your Cash

Make sure to keep a stash of your home country’s currency, because applying for a new ATM card in a new country may take some time. It would also be convenient to save at least six month’s worth of money in case you need to pay unexpected fees abroad.

Make Extra Copies of Your Documents

Additional copies of important documents like IDs, driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, and immunization records, to name a few, will all be important because you never know when you might need them. Also leave copies of these documents to someone you trust in your home country, just in case you lose yours from theft or any unfortunate circumstance.

Research on Health Care

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Ask your current health care provider if you’re eligible for the benefits even if you move abroad. You’d also need to ask them for copies of your medical and immunization records. Research on the required immunizations in your new country, so you can get them immediately. If you’re on prescription meds, find out if they’re available in your new country or if they’re allowed, to begin with.

Do your research on the health care system of your new country to find out whether they cover for foreign residents, or if you’ll be required to fund our own health care.

With these five important tasks ticked off your checklist, your move will encounter no problems and unwanted surprises. Once they are all taken care of, you can start packing, doing more research, and of course, throwing a farewell party.