How You Can Have an Unforgettable Road Trip in New Zealand

How You Can Have an Unforgettable Road Trip in New Zealand

Are you planning an epic road trip across New Zealand’s stunning countryside and bustling cities? With breath-taking coastlines, pristine beaches, serene national parks, and jaw-dropping lakes and volcanoes, a tour across this majestic country is undoubtedly something for the books.

Since the entire country is open to campers, you will surely have somewhere else to park your transport and set up camp. But many people could choose different transport options to enjoy the sights and sounds of New Zealand thoroughly.

The choice depends on three things: your budget, how comfortable you want your road trip to be, and how many of you will be travelling. Some people have even used a mobile food truck for sale and turned it into a travel-worthy camper. But what are the benefits of using a specific kind of transport? Here are three land travel types of transport that could guarantee you an unforgettable road trip.


If you’re exploring the country alone or if you have your loved one with you, a touring-type motorcycle like a Harley should be perfect. Bikes are the travel mode of choice for those who love driving across scenic routes and off-the-beaten tracks where nature seems to be closest.

If you don’t own one, but you want to travel on a bike, there are rental companies that could solve your problem. For most of the year, a two-wheeled adventure across NZ can be a life-changing experience. While you can still practically ride your bike during winter, you might want to stay at a local inn instead of camping out since temperatures can be freezing.

Also, be sure to have proper riding gears and bike accessories like side panniers so you can bring as many travel essentials as you could. Aside from these tips, there are other necessary travel precautions that you must heed if you wish to have a safe and enjoyable trip on your bike.

Your Car

If you want a more convenient and safer way of going around the country, your trusty automobile would be just fine. There are guided tours for those who want to drive but don’t know the best roads to take.

The beauty of this option is that you can maximize your time by going to the recommended sites. This way, you won’t have to second-guess where to travel next since your itineraries are pretty much laid out.

An RV or campervan

group of young people by the campervan

If you want to travel across the country but still want the comforts of home, the best means of transportation is an RV or camper van. The great thing about RVs and campers is that they are complete with toilets, kitchen, bed, and other creature comforts that could guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable road trip.

There are lots of public lands across the country where you can safely and legally park your RV. If in case your RV is not self-contained, you should instead go to a campsite where there are dedicated facilities like toilets.

So, there you have it: there are many ways you can explore New Zealand. Just pick the one you think best suits your budget and travel needs so you can have the road trip of a lifetime.