5 Breathtaking Hidden Gems in New Zealand

5 Breathtaking Hidden Gems in New Zealand

New Zealand is best known in the world for sheep and the Lord of the Rings movies. But the country is so much more than that. Its beauty goes beyond Hobbiton and Middle Earth, and there are plenty of breathtaking sights worth checking out.

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Here are some worthwhile destinations to visit that you will not find on the tourist trail:

Waikawau Beach Tunnel

A gateway opening to Waikawau Beach, this magnificent entrance is made even more impressive by the fact that only three men constructed it. High and large enough for multiple horses and goods to pass through, this incredible structure is the only way to access the beach, from where you can get a breathtaking view of the sandstone cliffs along the New Zealand coast.

Marokopa Falls

Located not too far from Waikawau Beach and the more well-known Waitomo caves, Marokopa Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls on Earth, where the waters of the Marakopa River cascade down onto the basement rock below. You may also opt for a quick swim or a brief round of fishing in the river on your trip. Along the way, you will also pass by native forests that are a marvel all on their own.

Lake Quill

Enveloped in the mountains of Milford Sound, Lake Quill is the definition of a hidden treasure. While it is a hike to get there from Milford Track, the crystal blue waters of the lake, surrounded by the magnificent glacial cliffs, make all the effort very much worth it. This spectacular sight provides the perfect backdrop for everything from simple selfies to emotional marriage proposals. This is definitely a wonder you don’t want to miss.

The Blue Pools, Haast Pass

Wander through the winding forest trail of Haast Pass from Makarora Road, and you will stumble upon this natural wonder. Molded into shape by centuries of rock erosion, these crystal-clear blue pools are filled with clean glacial water that is even home to some trout. Today, there is also a bridge that serves as a viewing platform and allows you to see through the water all the way to the bottom.


Cathedral Cove at sunrise, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

This is a nature lover’s dream, rolling all the best things about nature into one. Filled with wilderness, rivers, and hiking trails, Karamea is also a gateway to Kahurangi National Park, one of New Zealand’s largest nature reserves. It is also located close to the Tasman coast, giving you spectacular views on the drive there, making it a perfect getaway destination. With everything it has to offer, it is no wonder that this place has been called New Zealand’s best-kept secret.

New Zealand has plenty of breathtaking sights to offer everyone, both tourists and locals alike. If you simply long to take a break and reconnect with the simplicity and wonder of nature, then a road trip through the country is the perfect way to do so. Pack your bags, discover hidden treasures, and make some memories you will never forget.