CRA Unveils Research on Car Repair Delays in New Zealand

CRA Unveils Research on Car Repair Delays in New Zealand

Client and mechanic talking about the delayed car repairA reduced level of red tape among car insurance companies in New Zealand could shorten the amount of time for car engine repair work, among others, to be completed, according to a Collision Repair Association (CRA) research.

The CRA said that it takes six days on average for repairs to be completed after an accident, including two days for paperwork. If red tape is reduced, the research claimed that the process could be hastened by one-third of that time.

Lost Time

The research based its findings on a survey of members. CRA General Manager Neil Pritchard said much of the problem lies in the absence of an industry policy on proper documentation for filing a claim. In addition, some insurance providers still ask for more details even as the car-service company already submitted a cost estimate for repair work.

Pritchard believes this routine request for more documents takes precious time, which can otherwise be set for the required repairs. Since service companies take in more than 300,000 cars each year for repairs, it is important to have a streamlined process for doing paperwork.

Insurance Policy

Insurance Council CEO Tim Grafton argued that the delays in filing insurance claims can be attributed to a lack of qualified panel beaters. These people are an important part of the process since they are authorised to quote estimates for car repairs.

Aside from this, Grafton said that the CRA should hire more panel beaters particularly those familiar with high technology vehicles. The need for more skilled staff is also evident in major cities in the country, where there has been an increase in cars and accidents, he added.

Reduced paperwork for filing an insurance claim will allow car owners to leave their vehicles for a shorter period. Do you think insurers should cut unnecessary red tape for the process?