What No One Told You About Employee Management

What No One Told You About Employee Management

A quick search on the internet and you will find lots of resources and tips on how to better manage your employees. But the thing is, there are still many things that the experts don’t tell you about employee management. With your staff being an incredibly valuable asset to your employee, it only becomes a must that you do everything in your power to keep your best talents. Here’s what not many employers consider when managing employees.

Your Employees Deserve and Require Enough Space

That’s right. A quality workplace is key to a healthy, productive, and less stressful office space. Take note that micromanagers are not the only ones who can make your employees feel suffocated and inefficient. If your employees are all cooped up in a single office with not enough elbow room and little-to-no other rooms to use, you can’t expect them to stay happy and productive.

If you give your staff enough space, they will feel at ease, knowing they can focus on their work. They will feel valued and respected and are more likely to pay it forward with the same respect and hard work. You get to reduce their stress, help improve their health, and even give them more time to make work-life blend work.

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Giving your employees the space they need

Giving your staff the space they need requires more than just giving them their own personal space at work. It can also mean ensuring you have enough space to accommodate them in common areas like the pantry, restrooms, reception area, wellness room, and meeting areas. Treat them with comfortable seating where they can rest and socialize with other staff during their break time. Pamper them with clean and big enough restrooms and work with a toilet supplier to get rid of your building’s old toilets. If you can, provide an outdoor space where they can take some time to breathe fresh air and bask in sunshine.

According to a survey, 55% of employees claim micromanagers hurt their productivity levels. Another 68% claims micromanagers decreased their employee morale. Harvard Business Review shares that there are two reasons people micromanage. Some want to be more connected to their subordinates. Others are more comfortable doing the job themselves than letting others do it.

If there are any micromanagers in your company, then your employees will surely appreciate it if you stop micromanaging them. It is time for your managers to start delegating tasks and actually allowing their subordinates to work hard on their own space. Set your expectations upfront and hire the right people.

There are other ways to give your staff more space like allowing them to work on flexible schedules. A recent study shows that 85% of businesses already adopted flexible working schedules. This is to avoid the risk of losing their top talents. Another research claims 90% of U.S. workers wants to telework to better balance their work and personal life. As long as your employees can get their job done while meeting your requirements, then a flexible office hour can be a great addition to your company policy.

This goes to show just how valuable space can be for your employees. Sure, they need your guidance and leadership skills. But they also need that extra space to focus on the more important things. Give them the right amount of space they need and you can increase their productivity levels, improve their health, and boost their overall work satisfaction.