What Your Spending Says About You

What Your Spending Says About You

How much of your money goes to food, specifically fast food? How much of your monthly paycheck goes to credit card payments? What percentage of your budget is allocated for new clothes? Each person has a unique spending habit, but when you look at where your money is going, you’ll notice some patterns. In fact, you’ll be surprised at what this pattern reveals about your personality.

Spending on Yourself

This is a vague category so let’s break it down to the long-term investments in yourself and the short-term gratuitous purchases. If you buy a mattress in Salt Lake City as part of your self-care investments, it’s for the long haul. This means you’re conscious of how you can improve your living conditions and you’re slowly chipping away at the low-quality aspects of your life with a goal of eventually living a life of ease — not opulence, but ease.

On the other hand, if your expenditures are mostly short-term forms of self-care, such as spa trips and shoe purchases, you might be stuck in a rut. You think you’ll do better after you’ve done everything society and your peers seem to be doing. Deep down, you feel adrift and you don’t know where to start fixing your situation. Contrary to your luxurious purchases, you might be hard-pressed for cash, which is why you find it hard to commit to long-term investments.

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Spending on Food

If you’re a fan of homecooked meals and you follow cooking channels that encourage you to experiment in the kitchen, this may show that you’ve already found your own rhythm and you’re aware of how important it is to slow down. Instead of resorting to pizza or your favorite takeout every night so that you can just curl up in bed and fall asleep to your favorite show, you get busy in the kitchen as a way to recharge from the stressful day and to eat healthily.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those whose main purchases have something to do with food. It could be food delivery or dinners out with friends, but they all mean one thing: you want convenience. This might mean your current work situation is draining you to the point that you can’t be bothered to watch what you eat. Going out with friends constantly also indicates you’re stressed and need a break, even if it means paying for $200 cocktails and appetizers.


It doesn’t matter how much you’re earning. If you can set aside a couple of dollars to help the less fortunate or you give your friend a random gift just because you thought of them, you have a generosity that runs deep. Your life may be going great — not perfect — and you’ve learned to appreciate every single thing that has been thrown your way. Including the bad days. You’re grateful for the people who have stayed by your side and you just want to be that person for others.

Even your smallest expense can be a window to your soul. Be aware of where your money is going to keep your life on track.