Spending 24 Hours in Fremantle, Australia

Spending 24 Hours in Fremantle, Australia

FremantleDiverse is the best way to describe everything about Australia. Thanks to migration of families from different countries, it has one of the most varied cultures in the world. The geography ranges from dry and sunny to cold and dreary. That is why as a tourist or a local traveller, you will never run out of things to do and places to go, if you do your research, that is.

Now, you may be tempted to go to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or other prominent Aussie cities. But, if you live near a metropolitan area, there is reason to leave those places unimpressed. Apart from the Sydney Theatre and some botanic gardens, you will not see anything particularly new in these big metros. Try some localities that are not usually in any travelling brochures. Fremantle, for example.

A Storied Seaside Community

Before anything, you will not find it hard to look for accommodation in Fremantle. Not only that, establishments, such as Be Fremantle and other seaside serviced apartments, offer picturesque views on top of classy rooms. It is soothing, seeing boats and the calm waves crashing as you wake up in the morning.

After you have had your links and eggs, your next stop should really be the Fremantle Markets. They recently celebrated their 40th anniversary, and the place is a highlight among highlights in Western Australia. Furthermore, it is one of the markets that deserve the name. The stalls run on forever, and the entire place seems like a throwback to when markets were still unmodern and full of character.

Just as Varied as Australia Herself

Being ‘rural’, you would think that Fremantle does not enjoy first-world benefits. They have the Fremantle Dockers, forever the pariah of the AFL, but enjoys one of the most impressive supports in the league. For a city so far from central hubs to have a sporting club, it only happens in Europe with their soccer clubs.

More than that, Fremantle is also a stopover for major music festivals. Just this December, there are a number of international events that chose the city as their location. Remember that Fremantle is just beside the sea, making it one of the most scenic places to hold events.

You can simplify your visit in Fremantle in a few words: relaxing, modern and diverse. Would you want anything else for your holiday?