Car Battery Problems: Check the Cables

Car Battery Problems: Check the Cables

Car Battery ProblemsApart from getting the engine started, car batteries also power lights and other accessories that run on electricity. A lot of people have been tricked into thinking something really serious is wrong with their vehicle when it fails to start when the problem is actually just the battery – it’s either old or something needs fixing with the cables.

Good for 2 years

There are battery manufacturers that claim their products have a life span of five years. Be sure to keep your receipt for those products and get a warranty since in reality, car batteries are usually good for up to 2.5 years. This is especially true if your car uses a lot of accessories. Replacing the battery after two years will help prevent the vehicle having worse problems.

Cable problems

If your car started yesterday but didn’t today, and this happens frequently, chances are it’s the battery. It may not be the battery itself but the cables, so check this first before anything else. Cables have to be firmly in place in the terminal posts. When they’re securely in place, they will not wiggle even a bit.

There won’t be enough electricity from the battery to power an engine if cables going through the terminal are frayed or close to falling apart. Check on these, as well.

Battery cables also get corroded. Acid forms on them and when these are not cleaned, it will eventually get damaged and affect the battery’s performance.

Sometimes, cars don’t start not because of a battery problem but simply because the cables are loose. If not fixed, it can eventually lead to the battery getting run down.

Replace cables

You may not have to replace the battery itself but the just the cables. Before purchasing automotive electrical supplies, you may want to bring it to a mechanic. Usually, the whole assembly has to get replaced but there are some mechanics that are a wiz and can simply cut off the corroded portion of battery cables and install a terminal end.

It’s important to keep the cables clean. Remove and replace them when the voltage drop is more than 0.1 after conducting a voltage test. reminds everyone to ensure that the supplies purchased are made from high quality materials.