Which Is Better: Plastic or Wooden Bins?

Which Is Better: Plastic or Wooden Bins?

Harvesting crops is one of the most exciting times of the year for most farmers and orchard owners. This is the time where all of the hard work bears fruit (literally) after tending it and waiting for several months to grow and harvest. Usually, farmers and orchard workers use wood bins or crates to gather up fresh fruits, crops, and other produce. In fact, it has been the standard in the industry for many years.

However, there are also large plastic bins that are used during the harvest period. In fact, more and more farmers and others within the industry who prefer using plastic over wooden bins. While each bin option has its pros and cons, it is important to consider which among them will suit your needs and preference.

The growing usage of plastic bins in agriculture

On the one hand, the use of wooden bins does not seem to wane over the years. On the other hand, there seems to be a rise in the use of plastic bins in agribusiness. However, plastic bins were already being used by northern Italian fruit growers back in the 1970s. A few decades later, more and more fruit growers and agribusiness owners took notice and adopted the use of plastic bins.

There are several reasons why a lot of people in the agribusiness industry prefer using plastic bins. But as mentioned, there are still some who use wooden bins as part of their industry practices. Wooden bins also offer to provide important benefits, especially among agribusiness owners and fruit and crop growers.

Benefits of using plastic bins

plastic bins

As mentioned, there are a lot of reasons why a lot of owners in the agribusiness industry switch to plastic bins. For one thing, most plastic bins used in fruit picking and crop harvesting are made from high-quality plastic material. Also known as HDPE plastic, this material is suitable and specially made for outdoor purposes. This plastic material can help lessen damage due to excess heat and other extreme weather.

Most plastic bins, being made from durable materials, are also damage-resistant and ideal for rugged conditions. Plus, cleaning is a breeze and won’t require special routines to ensure its cleanliness and overall condition.

Speaking of cleaning, this is one of the major factors that put plastic bins in an advantage over wooden bins. Since the material is non-porous, it is easier to clean and disinfect. It can also be stacked neatly and stored in a safe location without worrying about rotting or decaying after years of not using it.

In terms of safety, plastic bins are considered safer as it doesn’t have dangerous splinters that can potentially cause injuries among field workers. These containers also usually have rounded edges which can minimize damage to its contents. Most containers also have special handles or pockets for easier handling and carrying the container.

These are only some of the best features of plastic bins in the agribusiness industry. They’re cost-effective, safe, and more practical to use. If you are an agribusiness owner, make sure to invest in plastic bins for your harvests and crops.