Who Owns the Earth?

Who Owns the Earth?

There is a tree located in Athens in the state of Georgia, which is the only tree in the world to own itself. In the early 1800s, a young man named William H. Jackson grew very fond of that tree when he was growing up. So he went through a legal process and transferred the deeds for the 8-foot radius land around himself, to the tree.

Up to this day, the tree’s legal property rights remain unquestioned. Have you ever wondered if you are the legal and true landowner of your home? Planet Earth has about 36 billion acres of land, and until humanity has found a habitable planet to explore and live in, that is all the land that the people have.

This makes land the most valuable and limited commodity in the world. Therefore it comes with a great price. The demand for land increases as the population of the world continues to increase throughout the years, and more homes are being constructed to house the next generation. So, who really owns Earth?

And this is not about money or power, but the gravel and dirt that you stand upon? More importantly, who owns your house and the land it sits upon? Is it really you, the bank or the government? If you are wealthy enough to buy your own grand home, it doesn’t make you the real owner of the house, or the land.

Once you buy a land for sale in places like in the Geelong area, you are automatically granted land ownership rights. But until then – if you are living in London –  then you are most likely renting from the 7th Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, who owns about half of London.

If you live in other parts of the world, here are four of the biggest landowners in the world – that you could have possibly be indirectly paying rent to.

#4 King Mohammed VI of Morocco

The historically trading key point between Europe and Africa, the approximately 175.6 million acres of Morocco, is owned by the King. The trading points have retained a healthy economy in the tumultuous 20th and 21st centuries.

#3 Pope Francis (The Catholic Church)

An area larger than France, with over 71.6 million hectares of land, is owned by the Catholic Church. This makes the Holy See the largest non-government owned land in the world.

#2 King Salman of Saudi Arabia

The 830,000 square miles of the oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is controlled with absolute royal power by the King himself. He ascended the throne on 21 January 2015 and has been the crowned King of Saudi Arabia then.

#1 Queen Elizabeth II

Red bus in motion and Big Ben

The longest-reigning monarch in Britain, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II owns about one-sixth of the entire planet – which equals to a staggering 6.6 billion acres of land. The land covers not only Great Britain, but Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia and a few other property there.

The majority of the land falls under the Crown Estate operating as a real estate business. The Queen receives 15% profit from the Crown Estate when it goes to the United Kingdom’s Treasury.

The limited land on the planet seems to be rightfully owned by many world leaders – the land your house is currently sitting on is owned by the government!