3 Secrets To Successfully Building A Custom Home

3 Secrets To Successfully Building A Custom Home

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Now more than ever, you have the chance to create that custom living space you’ve always craved for notes a building engineering company in Tigard, OR. Modern building technology lets you build a home that fits any budget and suit any lifestyle. However, to join the growing list of people loving the homeowning experience, you need to consider a few crucial factors.

Resist the urge to build a castle

Unless you have deep pockets, you’re better off resisting the urge to build a huge home. The bragging rights that come with owning such a home are not worth the cost. A small house will always be cost-effective to build and maintain compared to a larger one. But that’s not where all the benefits end.

In addition to using more of the expensive construction materials, an extensive floor plan will saddle you with high monthly bills. It means you will have more space to heat and cool causing your energy bills to shoot through the roof. It will also cost you more in either time or money to clean and maintain. Worst of all you’d be left with lots of unused spaces in the home that cause you to bleed money.

Pick the floor plan wisely

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Before settling for a fancy floor plan, take a moment and consider your unique needs. You need to pick one that complements your current lifestyle or the one that you wish to have. For instance, you might want to settle for an open floor plan if you have kids. That way, you can keep an eye on them without being in the same room with them.

If your family tend to hang around the kitchen at the end of the day, consider having the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. Or just creating a bar-like seating where people can perch and chitchat when cooking meals.

Again, the floor plan you pick impacts all the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems in the home. An efficient floor plan keeps your ductwork, wiring, and piping short, which saves on both the labor and material costs. Short runs leave you with more efficient air conditioning and plumbing systems since air and water travel short distances. Long piping and duct runs lead to heat loss, causing your heater to work harder, which leads to high energy bills.

Embrace green technology

Even if you’re not big into environmental conservation, there are great incentives to go green when building a home. Green building technology not only lets you create a durable and comfortable home but also saves you a fortune. Such houses tend to be highly energy efficient to the points of shaving thousands of dollars off your home running costs.

For instance, smart positioning of the house lets you take advantage of the cooling breeze during the hot summer months. Use of efficient water systems in the bathroom and kitchen lowers your monthly water bills. Use of energy efficient lighting and heating systems reduce your energy bills without ruining the quality of life.

Modern technology makes it easy to build a custom living space that suits your specific needs. It’s important that you seize all the advantages that come with these modern advancements and ensure that you have the best homeowning experience. You have the chance to build a home that fits your budget and saves you money in the long-term.