Budget-Friendly Ways for Your Home’s Safety

Budget-Friendly Ways for Your Home’s Safety

When buying or building a home, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Two of the most important are safety and security. However, many tend to overlook these elements for design and aesthetics. There’s no reason to fret since we can still obtain them even after we’ve gotten our homes.

Implementing safety measures onto our properties can be done in a myriad of ways. The most popular option is installing a security system — something that needs to be done even in the safest of neighborhoods. After all, it’s better to be (literally) safe than sorry.

Not all of us can afford to install these high-tech safety measures into our homes, though. That is why we need to turn to these inexpensive ways to keep our home safe from burglary and other crimes.

Install Fencing

Before unwanted individuals can come across doors or windows, they first need to step into our properties. Those of us with homes that come with sprawling back or front yards need to deter these would-be criminals with fencing.

There are so many variations to choose from. For example, a good option is vinyl fencing in Utah, despite how expensive the material is. It increases the safety around our properties, keeping outsiders out, and is decorative and low-maintenance.

For those who are getting fences installed for the first time, note this reminder. Some areas have zoning laws that prevent fences from going above a certain height. It’s best to check with the installer to avoid getting into trouble with the local government.

Update Locks

house door

Our door locks act as another barrier for intruders to get through if they wish to enter our homes. Hence, there is a need to check on them regularly, especially the status of our house keys. After all, 6.4 percent of unlawful entry was committed by someone who had access to the person’s keys.

This then brings up the need for us to regularly replace our locks. One of the best times to do so is upon moving. New homes may mean new locks, but people before our move have gained access to the keys that open said locks, like the developer and real estate agent. It’s better to be safe and replace everything, regardless of how reputable the people we worked with are.

Another instance when we should change our locks is if someone has lost their copy of the key, be it for the main entrance or backdoor. Doing so will give us the peace of mind that people who are accounted for are the only ones who can unlock our doors.

Manicure Greenery

Trees, shrubberies, and plants do their work in improving our curb appeal, but they can also be detrimental to our home safety if left unmaintained. The perfect time for trimming and pruning depends on the species of the plant, with some variations like evergreens only needing it twice or thrice a year. Leylandii and Cherry Laurel, on the other hand, are fast-growing ones and may need to be trimmed more frequently.

The general rule of thumb for trees is to remove dead branches and anything that comes close to windows and other fixtures. These can serve as vantage and entry points for intruders. While trimming can be DIY-ed, it’s best to leave tree pruning to professionals to prevent injury.

Home safety can be achieved through several other means, including motion light sensors. When choosing a safety measure, it’s best to take stock of our property layouts and budgets. It will help to ensure that our choice is the best one for our homes.