Couples in Lockdown: Ways to Keep the Connection Alive

Couples in Lockdown: Ways to Keep the Connection Alive

The pandemic has changed how we live, work, and interact with each other. All of us are trying to adjust to the new normal that could last until the end of the year since there’s no vaccine available yet. Measures to flatten the curve have taken their toll on the economy, mental health, and the healthcare sector. Romance is not exempt from the challenges the lockdown has brought. Couples find themselves either too close or too far from each other, depending on if they’re living in one house or separated by distance.

Cultivating and maintaining a relationship while in lockdown is different from a long-distance relationship (LDR). While the issue of distance is similar, couples in an LDR can at least plan when they can visit each other, serving as motivation to power through the difficulties. However, for couples in lockdown, it is harder to estimate when the next reunion will be. This state of limbo can heighten anxieties, trigger depressive symptoms, and escalate feelings of longing.

Being apart due to lockdown is difficult because of the lack of physical closeness and affection. This is problematic as touch through hand-holding, hugs, and kisses are known to transmit a sense of acceptance, care, and intimacy. Without physical intimacy, couples need to exert more effort to make their partners feel protected and loved.

Watch movies through Netflix Party or Hulu Watch Party

Going to cinemas, a classic date activity, might not be possible in the near future due to the high risk of COVID-19 transmission. But you can recreate the experience by downloading browser extensions and applications such as Netflix Party or Hulu Watch Party. These synchronize video playback and add a group chat option for comments while the movie is ongoing. Couples can also fire up their video call platform to show real-time reactions to what’s showing.

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Play Animal Crossing or any multiplayer game

With everyone staying inside, social simulation video games like Animal Crossing and The Sims offer a digital gateway for people to join outdoor activities like flying overseas, visiting friends, and watching sunsets. Shops closed in real life like hairdressers and cafes are available in-game for players to visit. You can change hairstyles and drink coffee to your heart’s content. Some users even held their virtual weddings in-game, complete with the couple’s avatars wearing formal attire. Partners who have access to any multiplayer game can make use of the virtual world to reconnect and spend time together.

Write love letters

It’s time to take a page from the book of couples-of-the-past on how they kept relationships intimate without technology. Writing and sending thoughtful letters is a great way to show your love and sincerity to your partner. It is sometimes easier to describe what your heart is feeling when you are alone with your thoughts and writing them down. When you’re in front of someone else, you might feel the pressure of saying the right things. Handwritten letters are also good physical keepsakes your partner can treasure.

Love in the time of Corona brings about challenges for passion and intimacy to stay alive. Couples need to go the extra mile to bridge the physical distance between them.