Why Everyone Should Have a Man Cave or Mom Cave

Why Everyone Should Have a Man Cave or Mom Cave

Don’t feel bad that your partner wants a space of their own, or better known as their man cave or mom cave. When someone wants their own space in a house—whether it be in the form of a home office or a media room—it’s not exactly a sign that your partner is trying to rebel against your relationship. This is not a sign that your partner is tired of the responsibilities of being a husband or wife. Having personal space is psychologically healthy for everyone.

It is important to have your own space, whether it be a cozy home theater or a billiard room. Men need some time alone to be with their friends and talk about sports and their jobs. Women feel the same, though mom caves are used to relax after taking care of the household the whole day.

A Place to Retreat

home theaterAt the end of a long and grueling day, don’t you want to have a place to unwind? And as much as you love your kids and family, don’t you want personal space where you can do anything—play a video game, work out those muscles, take a long luxurious bath, or simply sleep without anyone bothering you? How do you feel after a day at the spa or a night hanging out with your best buds? Don’t you feel regenerated?

That’s how a man cave or mom cave will make you feel every time. It’s a sort of retreat from the everyday stressors. You’ll feel happier and more emotionally healthy after spending an hour there.

Men Need to Display the Things They Love

In the case of men, they need a glass display of their favorite athlete’s bubbleheads or the action figure collection they have spent hundreds of dollars on. They also need a space where they can showcase their collection of PlayStation games. And yes, that includes a tiny corner where they can play these games to their heart’s content.

Women traditionally take charge of designing the whole house. Men don’t often get a say on what goes in the living room and kitchen, much less the bedroom. Their opinions rarely matter because it’s the women who love mixing and matching colors and textures. But for his own space, a man can experiment and get to know what he wants better.

Women Have to Get Away from Everything

Aren’t women superheroes? They make dinner, clean the dishes, teach the kids, put the kids to bed, fold the laundry, and so on. But there will be a time when the woman in your life needs to get away from everything, even for just an hour. She doesn’t necessarily want to get out of the house. She doesn’t want to leave the kids. She wants to be there, but not really. You get the point, don’t you?

Enter the mom cave. It’s a special and personal space painted usually in neutral colors to relax her mind. Women can put anything there—magazines, a foot massager, a manicure-pedicure set, or even a large bathtub. Yes, what’s stopping you from doing what you want in your own space?

When people say that they want to “get away,” it doesn’t mean that they want to leave you or the house even. They want to catch a break. Don’t people deserve to get a break now and then? That’s what a man cave or mom cave is for.