Denture Cleaning and Maintenance

Denture Cleaning and Maintenance

Denture Cleaning Wearing dentures allow you to eat your favorite food again. It is easy to forget how important this dental equipment is when you are wearing it all the time. You might not realise that you are wearing one over time. This does not mean you have to take it for granted. You owe it to your dentures to take better care of it unless you want to continue living with missing teeth.

Getting dentures gives you an additional responsibility of taking care of your dental equipment. Here are some ways you can keep your equipment in good condition.


Just like your teeth, your artificial teeth may also need brushing. They can also collect plaque and bacteria so you need to sweep those things out. You will need a toothbrush with soft bristles so as not to damage the material. Gentle brushing is enough to remove any plaque clinging to the artificial teeth and the fitting surface. Brushing may also be necessary to remove any adhesives attached to the surface if you use them. Dentures are easier to clean because you can take them out and brush them while you can see them, according to


Simply leaving your dentures on a table opens it up to bacterial attack. Dentures may also need moisture to retain its shape. Keep a glass of water near the bedside so you can toss in your equipment and keep it moisturised all night. You may also get a mild solution specifically for your dental appliance. Do not add any other ingredients to the liquid such as mouthwash. It may have an adverse reaction to it when soaked overnight.

Cleaning your dentures will be a part of your everyday life. Make sure you are doing it the right way to keep your equipment lasting longer. Visit your dentist regularly to have your dentures checked for quality.