Eat Out: Four Ways to Enjoy Burgers More

Eat Out: Four Ways to Enjoy Burgers More

Burgers are among the most popular fast food restaurant staples out there. Ever since you were a kid, you already knew how delicious and great this food is. The buns sandwiching a meaty, juicy patty, coupled with fresh tomatoes and lettuce, and then topped with cheese, are surely what dreams are made of.

Such a simple combination of flavorful ingredients can turn your day around, fill your tummy and put a smile on your face. But just when you think burgers could not get any better, there are ways you can enjoy them more.

You only have to be creative when you pair your burger with other food items. This is what many burger restaurants have been doing to make their offerings much more exciting. If you are planning to invest in a burger restaurant franchise or you just want to eat a burger, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

Give it a fruity twist

When you want to go wild with your combinations, you may consider incorporating some fruits into your burger. One way to do it is by adding a spin of sour so that the taste will be exotic. For one, you may choose to put a pineapple slice. That way, you have a Hawaiian burger.

But if you want to add more buttery texture yet ensure that the fruit essence or taste is not pronounced, add avocado slices instead. Make sure the fruits you add are not too sweet or sour so as not to overpower the flavors of your burger patties.

Use cheese alternatives

Most burger joints use processed cheese for their offerings. But if you want to stay away from this trend, you have the option to use other cheese variants. Changing the cheese can help heighten the eating experience.

Cheddar cheeses are popular, but if you want to give your burger a tangy twist, use blue cheese or herbed cheeses. A simple flavor from Gouda may also be considered. Cream cheese and goat cheese are something worth trying if you want a creamy texture.

Pair it with beer

Friends having burger, fries and beerSince burgers practically originated from Germany, it only makes sense to pair them with something that also came from the same country. Go for beer! You can go for regular hops, but make it so cold that it will refresh you after eating a burger.

Flavored beers are also good choices, especially if you have an affinity for fruity and sour notes. Just be mindful when you drink; you are not supposed to drive after you drink.

Give it a complimentary fare

Sometimes, a good set of sides is what it takes to make the burger experience more wonderful. In this regard, ditch onion rings for a while. You may go for mozzarella sticks or fried mushrooms. Salads are also a good choice.

The possibilities of enjoying burger are endless. You only need to be creative. If you are trying to prove something for your restaurant business, you need to try and try until you find the right combinations. Do not be afraid when it comes to testing. After all, you are going to enjoy the process.