Fabric Alternatives for Office Chairs

Fabric Alternatives for Office Chairs

When most business owners are furnishing their office, they will focus on getting the best possible chairs for their employees and guests. Uncomfortable chairs will, after all, paint your company in poor light among guests while contributing to multiple skeletal issues in your employees that decrease their productivity.

When picking the best chairs for their offices, most business owners will focus on the most ergonomic options available. While essential, you should also ensure the fabric you select for your office chairs matches your work environment and is easy to pick.

When buying used office furniture for your Las Vegas office, evaluating the condition of the fabric and the type used is especially essential. This will determine the durability of the chairs and the necessary repairs for the same. The following are your fabric options for office chairs.


This is the leading option for executive office chairs. Other than giving these chairs a distinguished appearance, leather is durable and comes in several colors though neutral tones are the popular choices since they blend with all office décor.

The primary drawbacks of leather for office chairs is its high cost and the fabric’s inability to breathe, thus contributing to sticky backs in humid or hot environments. There are different leather types used for office chairs, all with different qualities, durability and comfort levels.

The highest quality for office chairs is ‘’top-grain’’ leather.


This suffices for office chairs used in the reception area that should be regularly cleaned or in places where the chairs are prone to spills. Vinyl is inexpensive though a bit less comfortable and aesthetically pleasing compared to leather.

Some vinyl types used in office chairs can also withstand cleaning using bleach, making them perfect for medical offices. The fabric comes in a broad color range and is durable. Like leather, however, it does not have air circulation and might thus be sticky in humid and hot settings.


office chair

This has become the leading choice for office chairs since it is meant to encourage air circulation. This way, it keeps the body dry and averts a ‘’sweaty back’’ like that typical in vinyl and leather chairs. Moreover, the mesh looks sleek and makes the perfect complement for modern office decor.

You can combine mesh backing for your chairs with another fabric for the seat cushion.


This fabric ranges from synthetic fibers to cotton and specially treated cloth that resists wear and tear. Cloth comes in more colors compared to other fabric alternatives and is thus the ideal choice for designing eye-catching pieces that match neutral office backdrops.

It has a high comfort level and allows the skin to breathe better than vinyl and leather. The cost of your cloth office chair largely depends on the material type you will choose.

Choosing an office chair that suits your workspace takes more than a consideration of the ergonomic ones that suit your budget. The above fabric alternatives come in varying grades. The grades for chair fabrics denote the manufacturer’s cost of producing the fabric and not necessarily their durability.

These grade range from A-H and depend on the fabric’s thread count, construction and fiber.