Finding the right orthodontic appliance for your smile!

Finding the right orthodontic appliance for your smile!

Within the modern field of orthodontic dentistry, there are now constant changes in regards to the technological advancements being made in terms of subtle orthodontics! Traditionally conventional metal braces may be the first thing that comes to mind when a patient hears the words ‘braces’, however within the modern world of dentistry things are changing!

How a patient can achieve their dream smile.

Many patients’ suffering from dental imperfections (such as crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, or general misalignment concerns) may be unsure of how to navigate the modern world of dentistry! For patients who are unsure of the best treatment plan for them, they may be referred to a modern and accommodating orthodontic dental clinic, such as clear braces, to name just one example!

Did you know?

Many modern dental clinics are now choosing to accommodate the ever-growing desire for more discrete forms of dentistry! Many patients may believe that clear aligners are the only type of subtle braces available on the modern dental market, however, this is in fact far from the truth! Despite there being a multitude of discrete orthodontic alternatives, clear aligners are rising in regards to their popularity, due to their subtle physical appearance and their effects, and therefore long-lasting dental results!

So… What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are essentially transparent plastic dental trays which are customised for each individual’s unique dental case! The transparent trays are designed to fit snugly around the teeth, proving to be practically invisible within the mouth!


Are clear aligners right for your smile?

Within the modern world of orthodontic dentistry many patients’ may feel overwhelmed by the variety of orthodontic appliances now being made readily available by many modern and facilitating dental clinics, which is why many individuals may be referred to a specialist clinic to discuss all of their possible treatment options! Clear aligners are just one example of the many brace options available, however, they do have a wide array of benefits.

What are the benefits of receiving clear aligners?

Clear aligner trays are widely known for their subtle transparent appearance, however, there is more to this appliance than their impressive aesthetics! In addition to looking practically invisible within the mouth (which many patients’ are understandably initially attracted to) they have also proven effective when attempting to amend the appearance of a dentally imperfect smile! Despite their rising popularity, however, many patients’ may be unsure of how these aligners work, and therefore what to expect from the treatment process!

How do clear aligners work to produce a straighter smile?

Much like any dental, cosmetic, or orthodontic treatment clear aligners always start with an introductory initial consultation! During this introductory session, the patient and the dental healthcare professional will discuss all of the patients’ dental insecurities, in addition to suggesting the best possible treatment plan, whilst ensuring the patient feels happy with the chosen treatment!

How long do clear aligners take to produce long-lasting and effective dental results?

Although the treatment process is dependent on a wide array of factors (such as the severity of the individual case, and how frequently the clear aligners are worn by the patient) as an average, Invisalign can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to complete.