Who Needs Orthodontic Treatment?

Dentist fixing the patients teethOrthodontic treatment is used to improve the position, function and appearance of crooked or misaligned teeth and is usually achieved with the help of various forms of braces.

An orthodontist, like those at Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, are dentists who have undertaken extra dental education to specialise in orthodontics. With Invisalign in Glasgow the teeth will move gradually into a better position, to create a healthier and happier smile.

Teeth with a correct bite, and teeth that are aligned properly are healthier, therefore reducing the risk of future dental issues, giving people a big reason to smile. With straighter teeth, they have a much better chance of preventing plaque build-up, which could eventually lead to gum disease and even tooth loss if left untreated. With straighter teeth, they’re also able to chew food properly and speak more clearly.

Invisalign in Glasgow

Not all dental practices offer the same treatment choices. It is important to consider what is available before committing to a practice. It might be worth doing some research about the different dental brace treatments that are available to find the one that might be the perfect choice. Above all, making sure to find somewhere that feels comfortable and welcoming will make a huge difference to the dental journey. Dental treatments can have life changing effects, including being a happier and healthier patient.

An increasingly popular choice for teeth straightening in Glasgow is Invisalign. Invisalign is a removable dental appliance that can be chosen as an alternative to the more traditional fixed metal brace options.

A type of clear tooth aligner, Invisalign in Glasgow has been specifically created for people who find the idea of a mouthful of metal braces and brackets too unattractive to fit in with their lifestyle choices. People who meet the criteria for Invisalign can maintain the smile aesthetics while also straightening the teeth almost invisibly.

A typical Invisalign treatment requires between 20 to 30 aligners used for both the upper and lower teeth. Most adults can even complete their treatment in less than a year; however, treatment times will depend on each patient’s specific alignment problems.