What to expect with VR

What to expect with VR

When it comes to a virtual reality experience in London, there is a lot that customers can expect in terms of gameplay, social engagement and of course virtual reality. This experience is the most immersive experience available to players and the games themselves allow for up to 5 people to play at a time which far outshines many other VR centres which host single person gaming. Gaming platforms on console and PC are popular because they can be played with friends and this very important element of gaming has now been introduced in virtual reality.

The arena

The main draw for customers is the arena, it is a large open space where 5 players are able to interact with each other in a VR world, this space allows for real-world free roaming while being immersed in virtual reality and the game scape projected through headsets. Each player will be provided guns which connect to the game allowing them to interact with the characters of the game, whether they be aliens, zombies or bank robbers, as well as with other players.

The games

man playing virtual reality gameThere are 3 games which groups can choose to play, but before this, each game provides a demo which is a 30min tutorial on how the game and equipment works so that players can get the most out of the time they spend within one or all of the games:

Overrun – the world may have all experienced the COVID apocalypse which, though devastating, was kind of a relief considering that it wasn’t zombies, however, for those wanting to experience a zombie apocalypse there is Overrun. Customers will have to face waves of zombies to survive and armed with guns and quick thinking skills, surviving the apocalypse is as easy as point and shoot or maybe run away just a little bit.

Difficulty: Easy -Hard

Strike Team Delta – if the group has had their fill of apocalypses then maybe becoming space marines defending the earth from an alien invasion is a little more their speed. Strike Team Delta takes players through a crash site to investigate and find clues which will lead them to the aliens to do battle.

Difficulty: Medium

The Heist – (Please note that while social distancing measures are still in place, this game is unavailable.)

What else is there?

Other than the immersive gaming experience at Navrtar, there is a fully licensed bar for people to enjoy a drink and a social gathering while watching their friends partake in the arena. This element is an integral part of British society and the combination of VR and the pub is genius, not to mention revolutionary. But what about those who are waiting there turn or standing idle after having had their chance in the arena, where does the competition go after the game, well customers could stand around having a good time at the bar or they can partake in other games, table games are available like Pool. The experience goes so much further than VR and it gives people a chance to spend some time together while experiencing the future of gaming.