Human Error: How Your Employees Create Big Risks for Your Company’s Security

Human Error: How Your Employees Create Big Risks for Your Company’s Security

Human error may not outdo the damages caused by hackers and malicious software, but it can still amount to considerable losses. Worse, they compromise the credibility of any software or service you avail that’s supposed to ensure that your company is protected. This is why, when taking steps to safeguard yourself from any form of breach, you have to take into consideration the computer and internet etiquette your employees practice.

To remedy this, you have to first identify the most common human errors that your employees are prone to committing.

Negligent Handling of Data

Employees handle a vast amount of data daily and depending on the nature of your industry, the hours could stretch long and the pressure could build up. When this happens, they could commit errors due to exhaustion, unknowingly overlooking protocols, and undervaluing the data being handled.

Data leaks occur every time they send emails to the wrong recipients and forward unsecured email attachments. Loss of data is also a concern that usually happens when employees accidentally or intentionally delete files, change documents, and make public supposedly private files.

A data breach can ruin your company’s brand, result in intellectual property loss, revenue loss, and even class-action lawsuits. Your employees should know from day one how to efficiently and securely handle all your company data.

Lack of Training in Cybersecurity

Your employees can either be too focused on their tasks, or they fail to understand the weight of their actions when using the internet at work. Both instances can result in a cybersecurity crisis which can be costly to resolve.

It’s usually careless internet ethics that enable hackers to steal company credentials and data and install malware into your entire network. Opening attachments from suspicious recipients, plugging devices unauthorized by the company (think malware-infected USB sticks), and enabling random system changes, are some of the things that put your company at risk of cyber threats. The problem is that even with sufficient training, it’s inevitable that you will have employees who will underestimate such risks.

This makes it more essential to work with trusted cybersecurity services companies that can keep you protected in spite of these possible hazards. Meticulously study the coverage of each company and get the one that addresses the problems you commonly experience.

Failure to Update Software

woman using laptop

When you continue to use outdated software, you become a hacker’s favorite target. One of the reasons software continually evolves is that it resolves issues that make you vulnerable to cyberattack. The simple act of ignoring software updates when prompted compromises your security.

Your employees may purposefully do this to speed up their computer or perform personal tasks. Downloading movies, desktop applications, and running suspicious sites often require that certain security features are turned off. Any disabling of an antivirus software update or compromising of the firewall setting expose you to risks.

Overcoming These Obstacles

At the root of this behavior is the lack of awareness or accountability for your company’s security. What you can do to overcome these obstacles is to get the best cybersecurity company, extensively train your employees, and introduce consequences for any risk or breach that occurs because of their actions.

Cybersecurity is of utmost importance for companies today. While human error cannot be totally prevented, it can be minimized and handled better to guarantee your company’s safety.