Five Most Popular and Common Dental Procedures Explained

Five Most Popular and Common Dental Procedures Explained

Oral health is an important aspect of a person’s well-being that needs attention. Many people are starting to give adequate attention and resources for the promotion of dental care. Aside from that, they focus on finding the best and the most reliable dentist in Taylorsville, Utah to get high-quality services.
Today, there are various dental procedures being done, but some people aren’t informed of what the procedure is all about and what to expect. Here are the five most common procedures performed by dentists.

Tooth Extraction

Dentists perform tooth extraction on severely damaged or diseased teeth. Most of the time extractions are done when there is nothing left to do and the damage is so severe, it needs to be removed. In some cases, extractions may be performed to reshape the mouth or for cosmetic purposes. In tooth extraction, the dentist will use anesthesia to numb the area and specialized pliers. For more fragile teeth, some dentists may need to debride the gum and jaw bone in surgical extraction.

Dental Fillings

Dentists use fillings to close up cavities in the enamel of the teeth. The cavities may lead to bacterial infection if they’re not closed immediately. Also, fillings replace the part of the tooth damaged by dental caries. The dentist molds the filling to match the same of the tooth, including restoring the integrity and strength of the tooth.

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Root Canal

The tooth has a root and pulp that contain nerves. When the tooth is severely damaged, it may cause the exposure of nerve endings, inducing severe pain. Dentists perform root canals that are intended to preserve “dead” teeth that have been infected.
Further, dentists aid in stopping the infection from spreading to adjacent parts of the mouth. During the procedure, the doctor will administer a local anesthetic and create an opening in the crown to remove the pulp. The roots will now be filled with special material and later, sealed and closed.

Dental Crowns

A dentist may recommend a dental crown procedure in cases of a weak tooth that needs to be held together, for cosmetic reasons, and when your teeth are discolored. Dental crowns come in various materials, including resin, stainless steel, porcelain, and ceramic. Your dentist will advise you on the preparations for dental crown procedure and proper care you need to follow to make it last long.
A dental crown is used to cover the tooth to restore the tooth’s size, strength, and shape. In most cases, the cap is cemented in place just above the gum line.


Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells attached to the front of the teeth to improve your smile. The material used is usually porcelain or resin-composite. Moreover, veneers are applied needing more intensive preparation work because they need to match the shape and size of the base teeth. Before applying veneers, the dentist grinds down the tooth structure to allow proper placement.
Dentists work to give you the best and most beautiful smile. There are many procedures, some may be more expensive than the others. No matter what procedure you need to be done, the dentist will conduct an assessment and perform the procedure to restore your oral health.