From Root to Table: Four Vegetables to Grow in Small Backyards

Garden Pine Design in WaihiStarting a vegetable garden at home requires a lot of effort, but it also has advantages in the end. Apart from saving money and being sure that your family consumes fresh produce, building a vegetable garden is a great way to spend time with your loved ones.

People with small homes get intimidated with building their own vegetable garden because they think that it requires a lot of space. However, Garden Pine Design suggests that even a tiny piece of land can hold a variety of crops, as long as the crops are planted in good soil and have ample source of lighting. Here are four vegetables that you can grow in your small backyard.

Red and green bell peppers can grow on containers that are around eight to 12 inches deep. Grow one seed on a pot, and transplant it on land when it begins to multiply. Pick the vegetable once it grows into your desired size, with a bright and healthy colour. Remember that peppers become sweet when overripe.

Everybody loves a good tomato. The redder it is, the better it tastes. Like peppers, tomatoes can grow on containers. Cherry, table, and paste tomatoes usually require tall stakes when they begin to grow. A wire cage is a good choice because other than being inexpensive, it is also easy to maintain. A fertilized tomato with a good amount of sunlight takes 45 to 60 days to fruit.

High in fibre, iron, and magnesium, peas are great when partnered with steak. The vegetable takes 50 to 60 days to grow, and can only survive during spring. The edible pods barely require land and only need large planters with well-drained soil to grow. When they begin to expand, their vines will need support to climb up. A bamboo pole, or a simple vine cage, will do.

Broccoli is expensive; that is why it is ideal to plant it instead of buying it. You will need a 12 to 16-inch deep pot that will fit in a space that receives enough sunlight when planting the vegetable. Cover it with lightweight bed sheets to avoid cabbage worms. If you want to harvest your broccoli before fall, begin planting in early spring since it takes six to eight weeks to grow.

Make use of your small backyard by building a vegetable garden that you and your family will enjoy. It is always great to have a supply of delicious veggies that come straight from your backyard greenery.