What to Avoid to Have Whiter Teeth

Teeth Whitening by Welcome Bay Dental CareEverybody wants healthy teeth. Lucky for some to have a set of naturally white teeth, but some do not have that. Apart from food, there are many reasons you can have stained teeth. Sometimes, you may not even be aware that what you are doing as part of your everyday routine is one cause.

Here are the things you should limit or completely avoid to achieve whiter teeth:

Acidic Food

This is probably the first thing that came to your mind when you thought about the things that may make your teeth stain. Food with high acidic and sugar content like tomato sauce not only stain, but most likely also damage your teeth. Berries may also be a culprit. They are indeed nutritious, there is no question about that, but you may cut your consumption a little when you want your teeth to shine brighter.

Sugary Drinks

Dental professional Welcome Bay Dental Care shares that soda can also keep you from smiling brightly. Dark-coloured drinks, like red wine, may also cause unwanted shades to your teeth due to the added food colouring. Tea may be good in cleansing your body, but it definitely stains your teeth far heavier than a coffee can.


Believe it or not, swimming may actually erode the enamel found in your teeth and cause teeth discoloration. The chlorine in the water is the reason. It does not happen when you took a dip once in a while, but people who swim on a more frequent basis are more at risk.


This should not come as a surprise. Yes you brush your teeth regularly, but you probably did not do it right which added to the factors that stain your pearly whites. Brush gently enough to clean your teeth and as much as possible, avoid toothpaste that may cause erosion of the enamel.

When you already have the yellowish teeth, it is not too late yet. There are home remedies to whiten teeth, but if you want more promised results, dentists offer teeth whitening products and procedures to help you achieve the smile of a celebrity.