A Guide to Indoor Container Gardening

A Guide to Indoor Container Gardening

Are you looking for your next DIY project for your home? For those who have a green thumb but have limited space in the city, container gardening might be the right venture.

Living in an apartment in the middle of the city has pros and cons. But there are times when you can’t help but long for a backyard where you can grow your fruits and vegetables. Starting a container garden is like having your pocket garden in pots or cement containers. It’s a perfect solution for people who only have concrete slabs in their apartment space.

Getting started with indoor container gardening

Before you get your plastering tools or equipment to create cement containers, it’s time to learn the essential tips when it comes to container gardening.

Container gardening requires less water than your typical garden. You can also move plants from one place to another and control pests quickly. Doing so allows you to add more plants and rearrange them as you please.

One of the most crucial things that you need to do before buying plants is to assess your lighting conditions. If you don’t have access to a windowsill or balcony, then you can consider using grow lights as an alternative source of light for your plants. Here are some of the best herbs to grow in your container garden:

Italian large-leaf basil


One of the best plants to grow straight from seeds is basil. It also becomes quite large, requiring regular pruning to control its size and keep it as a microgreen. Microgreens are very young plants often harvested as seedlings. It’s a great addition to salads as well as soups.

Garden sage

Unlike annual plants, perennial herbs like garden sages start as parts of an already existing plant. Other perennial herbs include rosemary, lavender, thyme, and mint. Most people who are new at gardening feel frustrated when growing perennials because it usually takes a lot of time. However, perennials such as thyme, rosemary, and sage often give off a pleasant scent, which makes them perfect for your kitchen, especially in an apartment.

Cuban oregano

This is also a perennial that’s grown best from a starter plant. It’s also a perfect herb for those who are new at gardening. It has leaves that share the same features as succulents and is known to be quite sturdy. Some experts even say that it’s virtually unkillable in that it can survive anywhere. It’s also a perfect plant for your cement container garden since it can thrive indoors.

In the end, these are a few of the things that you need to know when starting your container garden at home. Always choose the right soil for your indoor herb garden to ensure that all of your plants will thrive. One of the best types of land for container gardening is an organic potting mix. Check if it’s peat-free so that you can guarantee that it’s from recycled biosolids. You can look for more information online if you feel unsure.