Fun Facts About Birthday Celebrations

Fun Facts About Birthday Celebrations

Throughout history, people have been engaging in festivities to memorialize personal successes and special occasions. Ancient Greeks loved to lounge and discuss politics with friends in social gatherings. Romans were constantly involved in sacred, religious feasts. Vikings celebrated war victories through intense revelries.

Today, there’s a myriad of occasions to be celebrated every year. Aside from declared holidays, people have also come to appreciate smaller accomplishments and make them reasons for merrymaking. However, what’s most popular in numerous cultures is the annual celebration of birthdays.

There are plenty of creative ways to celebrate birthdays, from themed parties to casual get-togethers. For more lavish events, finding the most suitable birthday venue is crucial. Whether it’s in Salt Lake City, St. George, or Ogden, the location is important because proximity can influence attendance rate.

With many things to consider in planning parties, the industry of events management continues to be lucrative. Before that, you may be wondering about some facts behind the celebration of birthdays. In this article, we’ll be discussing answers to several popular questions about birthdays:

Who started the tradition of birthday parties?

Historical references state that as early as the 12th century, European churches have been recording dates of birth for observing annual celebrations. However, according to CBS Minnesota, it’s the German people who are credited for starting the tradition of commemorating children’s birthdays. They started a custom of placing candles on torte cakes for celebrating what they called “Kinderfeste.” The number of candles signifies the years of the person’s life, but extras are added for denoting upcoming years.

Who composed the “Happy Birthday” song?

The Guinness Book of World Records classified the “Happy Birthday” song as the most popular and recognized English song. In 1893, school teachers from Kentucky, Patty and Mildred Hill wrote a song entitled “Good Morning to all.” The tune for this song is what’s today used for singing Happy Birthday.

There are no official records as to who changed the lyrics of the song, but in the 1930s, that song was used in an Irving Berlin musical production. Contrary to popular belief, the “Happy Birthday” song is not in the public domain. One of the Hill sisters actually sued the production, arguing that they own the song’s copyright. The courts have ruled for their favor and declared that the song stays under copyright up to now.

What is the most popular birthdate?

Birthday of an employeeIn an article published by Time Magazine, data shows that the most common date of birth in the United States is September 9. In fact, September appears to be the most common birth month. This means that conceptions usually occur during the holidays in December.

Who celebrated the most expensive birthday party in the world?

Sir Philip Green, the chairman of the Arcadia group, was the celebrant behind the most costly birthday party. At a luxurious Mexican beach, he held a four-day long party that cost approximately $20 million.

How much does the most expensive birthday cake cost?

Debbie Wingham, a British-born designer has created a cake with an appalling price tag of $75 million. It measures about six feet in length and a thousand pounds in weight. It’s composed of 17 types of precious stones, including four thousand diamonds.

Birthdays are occasions worth celebrating. No matter where you are in the world, we hope that you will be celebrating yours with a smile, especially now that you know these facts!