Health Risks that Come with a Pomsky

Health Risks that Come with a Pomsky

Cute little pomskyDesigner breeds simply refer to mix breed dogs that embody the desirable characteristics of two different pure breeds. The Pomsky, for example, comes from a Pomeranian father and a Siberian Husky mother. As a result, you get a Siberian Husky the size of a Pomeranian, or something of the sort.

Risks to Pet Health

Pomskies, and other designer breeds, have become popular all over the U.S., including Idaho, in recent years. You may want pomsky adoptions yourself to have a new lovable pet. Be informed, however, that Pomskies, as well as other designer breeds, can have more underlying health issues than pure breeds.

Find a Trusted Breeder

The health risks to Pomskies come because the mix of the Pomeranian and the Husky compounds the issues the purebred parents are predisposed to. To prevent such health hazards to your chosen Pomsky then, you can opt to adopt one only from a trusted and certified Pomsky breeders. You can visit the one here in Idaho for such honest service.


Now, pomskies usually suffer from dental problems, which they get from their Pomeranian fathers. The plaque can build up on their teeth and cause different dental issues. You can have your Pomsky’s teeth checked by the veterinarian every now and again to ensure their good health.


Pomskies also get roundworms and hookworms often as well. Have your vet free your Pomsky from worm to ensure good health. The roundworms can cause malnutrition, and the hookworms can cause anemia in our dog if you disregard freeing it from worming.

Other Pomsky Health Issues

Other problems that pomskies can develop include eye problems, hip dysplasia, and skin problems that come from the Husky mother. On the other hand, skin irritations, kneecap dislocation, and eye infections come from the Pomeranian father as well. To save your Pomsky from such issues, vaccinations serve a highly important role.

A Pomsky adoption also means that you accept whatever health problem your Pomsky may develop in the future. As long as you stick by your dog, however, you can overcome any health issue.