How to Turn Your Driveway into a Children’s Playground

How to Turn Your Driveway into a Children’s Playground

This summer, make sure that your children won’t be bored by turning your driveway into their very own playground. Just park your car on the street, make sure that your driveway is leveled and free of debris, and you’re set to give your kids and their friends a venue for them to enjoy the summer.

But if your driveway isn’t properly leveled, you should have professionals from Salt Lake City do some concrete lifting to make sure that it’s safe for the kids. Having a driveway with an uneven surface can lead to nasty accidents, so fix this before you let your kids play there.

There are so many ways to turn your driveway into a safe venue for your kids to play in. You can turn it into a huge canvas, or you can let your kids use it as a place for business. Only your imagination is the limit to what you can do. But if you need help in figuring out what to do, here are a few suggestions.

Give them chalk

The safest way for your children to play in the driveway is to give them chalk and let them draw whatever they want on the surface. They can practice their skills, and you won’t have to worry about your kids drawing stuff on your interior walls.

No need to worry about chalk that would stay in your driveway for several years, too, because it’s quite easy to remove them from concrete. Just spray it with water from your hose and brush it off with the help of liquid detergent. That will look spotless again.

Build them a lemonade stand

lemonade stand

Another way for your kids to enjoy summer on your driveway and at the same time, teach them the value of work is to build a lemonade stand for them to manage. All you need is a table for them to place their lemonade on and a sign to let the neighbors know your kids are selling lemonade.

This can be a fun and enlightening way to spend the summer because you can teach your kids everything there is to know about putting up a small business. From learning how to make tasty lemonade to figuring out how to inform the whole neighborhood of their business, opening a lemonade stand on your driveway will be a fun and informative experience for your children.

Play hopscotch, with a twist

If your kids are still toddlers and learning shapes, you can help them learn about those things by playing hopscotch with a twist. Instead of playing traditional hopscotch where you play with numbers, use shapes so that they will learn different shapes.

Use the driveway as a skating ramp

Now, if your kids are a bit older, like 8 or 10 years old, you can use the driveway as a skating ramp. Buy them a pair of roller skates or a scooter, and let them roll around the driveway with your supervision.

Make sure that your driveway doesn’t have uneven surfaces that can trip your kids. One way to ensure that your driveway is completely leveled is to have someone lift the concrete. Now that you have some ideas on how to turn your driveway into a playground, you can rest easy that your kids will have an exciting summer ahead of them.