Ideas for Including the Trendy Spiral Staircase in Your Interiors

Ideas for Including the Trendy Spiral Staircase in Your Interiors

The available land space for construction is, unfortunately dwindling. Many homeowners have to be creative when choosing a plot of land to build a house. They need to guarantee optimal space for the structure without taking a lot of space of the property. A multi-storied house is your best choice. One of the design trends transforming multi-storied homes nowadays is the spiral staircase. This can be made from a range of materials and tweaked in different ways to create a customized interior décor design.

A design with a wrought iron stair railing is nonetheless your best choice for including the trendy spiral staircase design in your Beverly Hills home. This gives you a stable railing that can prevent falls and provide the support most people look for in spiral staircases. Thankfully, there are now several techniques used for forging wrought iron to generate your desired design and complement the other décor in your interiors. Here are some ideas for your home’s spiral staircase.

Open Design Staircase

Virtually all interior design now leaning towards an open plan, and your staircase should not be left out. The open staircase design works exceptionally well for small spaces more so when combined with an open interior layout. When people hear of the open staircase design, they are apprehensive about falling off their staircase. The open design might, however, include an open space between the stair treads or a metal balustrade with clear shatter-free glass for the railing.

Closed Design Staircase

This is the traditional choice for stairs. Your closed spiral staircase nonetheless need not take on the classic design. You can opt for a staircase surrounded by stone textured walls, bookcases and other elements that form interesting design details around it. Potted plants and lighting along with the staircase treads and railings will also lend a natural feel to your closed staircase and avoid the ‘’boxed-in’’ feeling.

Industrial Design Staircase


This spiral staircase matches the industrial interior design style and can form the hallmark of your entire décor. The minimalist stair design will feature wooden treads and iron or exposed copper railings. The stark difference between the metal railing and treads generate a compelling visual appeal and transforms your stairs into a work of art.

Square Spiral Staircase

This is not a perfect spiral design but is nonetheless still considered a spiral staircase. The square in your design is introduced in more extensive tread platforms compared to those in conventional spiral staircases. It showcases a brilliant mix of geometry and creates an interesting design that retains the interesting concept of the spiral design. The square spiral staircase can also be used with a traditional staircase design for your first level that then transforms into the spiral design a few steps further up.

You can further boost the appearance of your spiral staircase designs with a few embellishments. Little details like an intricate style for the handrails and newel posts will go a long way on transforming your staircase and make it the centerpiece of your home. Thankfully, there is no limit to the designs that you can use for metal. Before settling on one, however, make sure that the design will suit everyone on the house.