Importance of Good Copy to the Website’s Design

Importance of Good Copy to the Website’s Design

Website’s DesignCopywriting has one sole purpose: expand the client base of a business. Many companies aim to promote themselves globally, leading to a growing demand for copywriters. Over the last decade, advertising and marketing campaigns have been web-based. says marketing agencies  are pushing writers to generate high-quality copy on a tight budget.

When crafting a web design, designers often overlook the importance of copy. Structuring a design that highlights the text would have been a valuable feature, but since copy is often neglected, designers do not make the most of this opportunity.

Here is the truth: a good design will not be as powerful without a good copy.

Browsing is a reading experience

By nature, designers focus on the visual appeal and aesthetics. They spend their time pushing pixels, constantly convinced that attractive websites are essentially better websites. This would be a good trait to have if your priority is on the looks alone. Unfortunately, in the world of advertising, things are not as simple.

To an average visitor, browsing is a reading experience. They are more trained in writing than in design, meaning they are likelier to process what they read than the technicalities of the design. When evaluating a service or product, they tend to skim through the sales pitch and read the list of features, instead of deciding the product’s value based on the visual elements of the page.

If your visitors are looking at a powerful and effective copy, a good or bad design would not make a lot of difference.

A website is a website

Design and copywriting comprise the entire website, making them both indispensable and inseparable.  The visitor will not see the design and the copy separately; they will see a website, a singly incorporated item that is either attractive or not.

Even with mutual importance, remember that content ultimately precedes design. Design without content is not design, but a mere decoration. If you want an optimised website for your business, get a designer who understands the worth of a good copy.